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What Point Did It Go Downhill?

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Ill start by saying, that Lynch surprised me, and has been one of the best Raiders these last two seasons, however, I feel like we changed our offence to go through him, when we were built to be a passing attack. 

Carr takes a while to get going in games, it was the same in his 2016 year, but once he finds his rythm he can be fun to watch. 

the last 2 seasons, Id guess weve ran the ball on 1st down close to 80 % of the time.  which is a joke. 

I can see our coaching staff saying our O needs to control the ball, to keep the D off the field, but we were built to be a pass first team and we decided to play as a run first. 

That has been our biggest problem offensively, and with Carrs playing IMO


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6 hours ago, oakdb36 said:

1. We drafted poorly for 3 years straight.

2. JDR hired Todd Downing as OC.

3. Carr broke bones on his back.

4. Some key players from 2016 started to decline (Penn and Crabtree).

1. In 2015 the picks after Amari were poor but not sure if you can call the class poor when your 1st round pick makes the pro bowl his first 2 years. 2016 was bad.  You can't say 2017 is bad yet: Conley & Obi were hurt their entire rookie years and neither was given a chance with this staff.

2. True

3. True

4. Crabtree looks like the same player on BAL, which is pretty good, so I don't agree that he's declined

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36 minutes ago, Blazer026 said:

Carr getting hurt and hiring Downing as OC.

This  plus the Mack situation and now we have a Downing coaching the OL. It’s just overall terrible everywhere. Terrible Drafting always changing schemes. The list goes on it’s a 15 year progress of terrible decisions 

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