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Everson Griffen Rejoining Team


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This is absolutely wonderful news on the field & off.

If he's being cleared to return to the field, it must mean everything is looking up mentally for Everson which is the utmost importance even if it means he doesn't take another snap. Football is his passion and it can only help matters if he's on the field and around his teammates. 

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11 minutes ago, wcblack34 said:

This is fantastic news and couldn’t come at a better time. Plus it’s at home. Valhalla will be insane for him. Especially when he sacks Brees the first 3 times!!!!

I'll be surprised if he plays. I have to think it may take a week or 2 to get truly back in the swing. I'd play him after the bye. I hope patience stays the mantra. Its played out nicely doing it that way.

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2 hours ago, vike daddy said:

they might play him for a brief series or two. think of the crowd reaction when he walks on the field, and what that would do for hisd morale.

Same as what I thought. Let Everson be fresh on a third down and long and just let him go. Crowd gets loud with support, and the team will be excited to support him as when Teddy got into the game. 



I think that would be great for everyone. 


Outside this, Everson probably needs some time to catch up physically. Give home some pass rushing snaps after the New Orleans games and go from there and see where he is back Physically. 


Side Note: have had a good day in gopher land, Get Everson back, and I’m having a pocket gopher! Hopefully now I can win the mega millions with all of this good fortune!

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