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Descriptive Labels for Qualities in a Football Player(Reaching out for help)

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8 minutes ago, buno67 said:

by big I mean arnt they D1/D2? I am not very familiar with them because of living in the Cleveland area, I know they are around the Columbus area.

I just said that because @TheeRealDeal makes it sound like he is at a small program. So it would be hard to try and recreate what makes Hillard good. 

Ok gotcha. As for recreating what they do, I don’t think so. Here’s their formula and mindset:

They will run the ball 92-93% of the time but throw for TD. Their QB stat line almost gamely is something like 1-2 or 2-3, 90 yards, TD.

They will sit in their 4-3 defense and rotate their safeties.

They’re the most sure tackling team I’ve seen.

They have plain looking uniforms and jog confidently on the field knowing they are physically bringing it to you.

They do it regularly without hardly ever having D1 college athletes.

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