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Pickle Rick

JW deep ball and high throws

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So here is what I'm seeing with regard to JW and the high throws and lack of touch on the deep ball...

JW has too much of his baseball throwing motion still with him.  

JW can fire bullets on the money for the short to mid range throws but on anything that requires touch, arch, or air he over throws them.  This is bc he still is using the baseball form to throw.  

Early in games in baseball you have a tendency to leave the pitches high until you find the release point and that appears to also be the case with JW early in games bc he has so much of the baseball motion still. 

This is probably the reason JW is usually better in the second half, he has found his release point during the first half and then can rock and roll in the second.  It was that way in college and appears that way still.  


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30 minutes ago, Lil' Shorty said:

Makes sense. But you won’t be a franchise QB in the NFL doing that. (Not saying you are suggesting he can.)

I think he can be, he just needs to start improving and change some things.  

The first thing that needs to be done is for DK to sit down with him and have a long talk about what he wants JW to do.  

1. If the throw ain't there take the sack, throw it away, or run for a few yards and get down.  Stop forcing things into windows that aren't there and you cant throw open.  Our offense is good enough to come back the next play or possession and pick it up.

2. Go out and work solely on the deep pass and putting air under the ball.  

3. Every pick that is because of a bad decision or poor throw will cost you money (donated to a charity).  In practice, a pick will cost you $1000 and every pick in the game will cost you $5000. 

Basically they need to drill in him the importance of keeping the ball safe.  Now I'm not sure what this would do to his game but it should help keep the INT down to a bare minimum.  

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A lot of people including the Joe’s posted an article on how many interceptions Brett Farve, Dan Marino and Peyton manning threw years 1-4. 

To me that’s is obsolete. The rules are easier for qbs today. Back in the day defenders were allowed to cover WRS and Defensive holding didn’t exist when they were younger QBs. 

Can you imagine how many picks winston would have if the rules were the same today? 

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