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24 Hours Till the Trade Deadline


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This is suppose to be a wild deadline, so perhaps we should have a place to keep the trades and rumors.

I am preparing a list of OLmen I would call about with the Kyle Long injury.

If you can get Bruce Irvin for a sandwich I would call the Raiders back as well. The complete disappearance of Floyd and Lynch leaves us needing some more pass rush.

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The defense is fine. We're still a top-5 defense (Top-3 IMO).

 I feel like some fans just expect too much out of them at times. They only seem to recognize them when a player gets burned, or gets a sack or something, and never seem to give them credit for any plays they make in between that don't show up on a live game or a stat sheet. (i.e hustling across the field, bumping guys off their routes, eating up blockers, filling their lanes, taking away targets, etc) 

This year is being used as a gauge point to see where the team is at after all of the changes that were made in the off-season. The biggest concern going in was depth, given how many players we have with a history of injuries--which can be addressed this next off-season in later rounds.

We don't have any real glaring needs right now at the starting positions (interior line, maybe, but we won't know just yet--I think we're fine) and you certainly don't use a mid-season trade on a depth player. 

Most of us expected 8-9 wins and we're well on our way to meeting those expectations. We have 4 wins and I see 4 very winnable games left on our schedule (Bills, Giants, Niners and atleast a split with Detroit). I have said it before and I'll say it again, you don't mess with success. 

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I can't see them picking anybody up. I'd guess Nagy is pretty comfortable with Bryan Witzmann as a backup guard seeing as he started 13 games for the Chiefs last year, they've got James Stone on the PS too who they could call up as another interior OL, he's got NFL starting experience - albeit a few years ago.

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OL I would make calls about


Chance Warmack, Philadelphia
Ted Karras, New England
Christian Westermen, Bengals
Earl Watford, Cleveland
Denver Kirkland, Oakland
Cameron Tom, New Orleans
Tyler Larsen, Carolina


Timon Parris, Washington
Spencer Drango, San Diego
Cody Wichman, Dallas
Kyle Kalis, Cleveland
Will Holden, New Orleans

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Jamon Brown was released from the Rams. He would be a decent pick up off the wire after losing Long for the rest of the season. 

He starter all 16 games last season and only gave up 1 sack and 5 penalties at Guard. It appears the only reason he lost his starting job was because he was suspended the first 2 games of the season and Blythe played really well. 

The only problem is, we're 21st on the list. 


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