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Week 9 GDT: The BOSA BOWL - The BAY'S battle of the TANKS

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On 11/5/2018 at 8:58 PM, Forge said:

One of my greatest fears. That we somehow fail upward playing horrible teams and make it seem like the pass rush is competent so that we don't go after it hard in the off season. 

That and raccoons. 

Get ready to be in the top 4 this week after we get 5 on Eli

This is a pivitol off-season for our FO. Failing to address the pass rush in the best pass rushing class since 2011 would be disheartening and could lead to some heads rolling. 


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I highly doubt we don't address the pass rush. I don't remember where I read the quote but Lynch talked about our PR and it seemed he was well aware of our deficiencies there. I think we're all suffering collective PTSD from the Baalke days so we're a bit nervous but I trust the FO will get it done this offseason.

My main question is if they go PR day one or day two? Since it's such a deep class I wouldn't be surprised if we went BPA day one and then took a pass rusher day two. I think I might rather have them just reach a bit and take their preferred EDGE player. 

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