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Chris Ballard

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Such a straight shooter. Read this article slowly and really digest what he is saying. There is zero smoke here. He is being absolutely straight forward. 


One of my favorite parts of the conversation is :

"I think sometimes just spending money to spend money — nah, that’s not always the smart thing to do. And when you do build your team up with your own guys, and they get to their second contracts and you begin to reward them, that’s when I think you’ll start to see some of that cap space disappear. Is there a time that we could go into free agency and we see a piece that we think fits and it fits culturally, from not only from a scheme perspective, but also from a character perspective? When you bring a guy into your locker room and you him a highly-paid player, there’s a lot more that comes with that than just playing on the field. That means that guy needs to do everything right because he’s looked upon differently than the rest of the locker room.”

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People still seem amazed that Ballard doesn’t BS. He hasn’t been forthright about everything but he hints to what he is doing and you can go back every time and listen to what he said 3-4 months ago and realize what he was hinting about. He was adamant that trading down from 3 to 6 meant he could still get a blue chip player. While everyone was convinced it would be Bradley Chubb or Roquan Smith it was always Quentin Nelson.

He said so many times that he isn’t going to pay Tier 1 money to Tier 2 or Tier 3 players and the biggest sign of that was not signing Andrew Norwell in FA. (No longer including Rashaan Melvin as it has been confirmed he was never to resign with us as long as Oakland had an offer on he table. 

On another note, Pagano was always talking about run the ball/stop the run but it never materialized. It took Reich 6 games and actually running the ball in the second half to get it done. Our biggest test would be Jacksonville because regardless of who they have at RB they always seem to run the ball well against us. If Fournette can’t play we’ll have to see if Yeldon or Hyde can be held up. 

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