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Bruce Irvin released by the Raiders

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Rapoport said the teams in on him were Seattle, NE and Pittsburgh and the latter two teams offered him the most money but wanted to play in his hometown.

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3 hours ago, G08 said:

I don't think they did either... the cynic in me thinks it's because they didn't want to belittle Floyd's confidence.

50 bucks says Floyd hits the HGH/roids this off-season, has a monster season next year, gets paid to go on another team and then gets busted.

LOL.  I think everyone in pro sports/Olympics that wants to know can get knowledge on how to get around those tests now.   I have no idea how to get around the tests, but I know people and I know people are doing it at all highest levels of sports and not getting caught by testing. I think the people getting busted by testing are honestly just using over counter stuff from GNC or where ever that sets it off without knowing or are stupid and just chancing it on a short term basis.   

The others aren't getting busted by testing, but are caught by testimony and investigation.   I think people could figure out better ways of catching people and it would be a constant cat and mouse cycle, but nobody really wants to catch PED users that badly.  You have millions invested in these people and don't really want them sidelined.    

In any event, a monster season next year would be nice.

Many, if not most, people will break rules/laws, moral or written for fame and/or wealth.  Whether its sleeping with a director or taking PEDs or making a sex tape with a famous person and so on.  

If it were up to me I would make testosterone legal for 40+ yr old athletes if prescribed by a doctor.   



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