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Ravens Sign Zuttah


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15 minutes ago, OleXmad said:

Idk what we're complaining about, we got a free draft pick out of him and he can't be any worse than the no name scrubs we were gonna start at LG/C.

They didn't get a free pick, they just swapped picks. So Baltimore got a free jump up the draft board in the sixth round. 

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39 minutes ago, stallyns said:

I think he really considered signing with the Colts, but I think he wouldn't be guaranteed to be a starter once Kelly and/or Schwenke return from injury. 

That's why he didn't choose Indy 

Shame really. Would have been extremely useful to plug in for the start of the season.

But ultimately if that was the reason he decided not to come to Indy, then its probably the best move as unless he seriously impressed, he would have made way for Kelly/Schwenke upon their return.

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