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Starters you want back in 2019

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which starts do you think are back in 2019? Or starters you want back

Here is my list:

QB: Carr

RB: Lynch

WR: ?

WR: ?

TE: Cook 

T: Miller, Parker

G: KO, Jackson

C: Hudson

DE: ? , ?

DT: Jelly, ?

OLB: Whitehead, ?

MLB: ?

CB: Worley, Conely, Nelson

S: ?, ?

K: ?

P: ?

LS: Sieg


about 11 new starts needed, half a team...... I would bring Lynch on a one year deal, last year in Oakland... what starters do you want back???

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key to get a new OL coach, and be nice to get a new young OC Gruden can mentor. Gruden is trying to call plays, GM, and head coach a team... too much for one man.... I wouldn't even mind getting a new DC

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I really have no idea about who will actually be brought back, no-one appears to be safe from the guillotine but these are the guys I'd like to see us now build around or use as depth:

QB: Carr - this year has been bad but he's the best QB we've had in a while so worth persevering with

RB: Lynch, Richard - Lynch still looks like he has some gas left in the tank, Richard as CoP back

WR: Nelson - professional vet to help any drafted receivers

TE: Cook, Smith - receiver and blocker

OL: Miller, KO, Hudson, Gabe, Parker - to be supplemented with a vet OT and maybe a draft pick

DL: Key, Hurst, Ellis, Hall - need desperately to get another pass rusher by draft or FA, hope they keep Brown and Vanderdoes around and see if they have anything to offer as rotation

LB: Lee, Morrow - more for depth and as they're cheap, we can draft/sign LBs to challenge for the start

CB: Melvin, Worley, Conley - all 3 look decent to me even with no pass rush but Melvin seems almost certainly on his way out, Nelson should be kept around too

S: Harris, Joseph - we still don't really know what we have with either

Kickers: none - we should just pick up a couple FA vets


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I love lynch, but I don’t want having him stopping us from getting a more dynamic back. 

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Oakland Raiders 2019 (CREATED: 11/05/2018 4:34 PM)

1 Rodney Hudson C 30 2020 $10,017,000
2 A.J. McCarron QB 28 2020 $5,000,000
3 Justin Ellis DT 28 2021 $4,750,000
4 Karl Joseph SS 25 2021 $3,781,374
5 Kolton Miller LT 23 2023 $3,061,664
6 Gareon Conley CB 24 2022 $2,854,752
7 Kyle Wilber OLB 30 2020 $1,750,000
8 Derek Carrier TE 29 2021 $1,700,000
9 P.J. Hall DT 24 2022 $1,069,154
10 Brandon Parker T 23 2022 $930,758
11 Andrew DePaola LS 32 2022 $905,000
12 Eddie Vanderdoes DT 24 2021 $869,303
13 Arden Key DE 23 2022 $829,439
14 DeAndre Washington RB 26 2020 $787,302
15 Nick Nelson CB 22 2022 $744,670
16 Marquel Lee ILB 23 2021 $708,423
17 Maurice Hurst DT 24 2022 $649,761
18 Nicholas Morrow OLB 24 2020 $647,500
19 David Sharpe T 23 2021 $645,000
20 Eddy Piniero K 23 2021 $578,333
21 Chris Warren RB 23 2021 $570,000


Derek Carr traded for a 1st minimum

KO trade for a 4th

Gabe Jackson traded for a conditional 6th

I will keep Jordy Nelson if he is will to take less money.

We would now have in the next 2 years: 6 1st rounders, 1 2nd, 3 3rds, 3 4ths, possibly 3 5ths, 2 6ths, and 3 7ths.  That is 21 picks without anymore trades or comp picks.


Dead Cap

1 Derek Carr QB 28   $7,500,000
2 Donald Penn RT 36   $2,750,000
3 Obi Melifonwu S 25   $709,774
4 David Sharpe T 23   $293,206
5 Johnny Townsend P 24   $163,165
6 Connor Cook QB 26   $154,972
7 Azeem Victor ILB 23   $88,806
8 Marcell Ateman WR 24   $69,777
9 Shalom Luani S 25   $47,206
10 Jylan Ware T 25   $42,146
11 Treyvon Hester DT 26   $34,300
12 Vadal Alexander RT 25   $19,212
19 Keith Smith FB 27   $0
18 Lee Smith TE 31   $0
17 Seth Roberts WR 28   $0
16 Tahir Whitehead OLB 29   $0
15 Gabe Jackson G 28   $0
14 Jordy Nelson WR 34   $0
13 Kelechi Osemele G 30   $0


We would have very little talent but crazy flexibility to fill out the roster.  They want to rebuild so I completely blew the team up.  I am not saying Carr is doomed but if he does not progress I can see him being the Reggie Nelson of the offense.


A really easy way to do this is on Spotrac with their manage roster feature.  You can even sign FAs.


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QB - Carr

RB - Warren

FB -

WR -

TE -


OT - Miller

OG - KO, Jackson

C - Hudson


DE - Key

DT - Hurst, Hall

LB - Morrow

CB -

FS -

SS -

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7 hours ago, RaidersAreOne said:


You nailed it. I’d put Hurst in there to though and Carr is up in the air. 

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