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Week 10 GDT: Patriots @ Titans

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39 minutes ago, TitanTuff said:

Interesting take..



Didn’t even watch it since those bafoons don’t know anything about football, but I can almost guarantee Stephen A spoke in generalizations about us like he knows anything about our team (for example when he names 1 or 2 players on a team and then runs out of names since he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and says, “and those boys”) and Kellerman probably had a hard on for his, “Brady falling off a cliff” take, while all 3 of them only focused on how bad the Patriots looked rather than what we did to them that made them look bad. Am I right?

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11 hours ago, TitanSlim said:


Adoree Jackson's development has been nuts. He's like a year or 2 ahead of where I thought he'd be, at this point. You could make a case he's outplaying the other notable 1st round CBs from last year's draft in Lattimore and White, which is saying a lot.


Almost feel like he could have intercepted that last pass he deflected. He had a great game. Keep his technique down and sky is the limit. 

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