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Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

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On 5/11/2018 at 9:16 AM, Danand said:

People are scratching and clawing to keep this story alive. However, judging from various comments, there are plenty of unintelligent people who buys into it, so I guess the "journalists" get the reaction they want.

Wow, is it really impossible to admit one is wrong online?


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22 minutes ago, sp6488 said:

Wow, is it really impossible to admit one is wrong online?


Yea really, this dude is suspect as hell. I want his hard drive checked.

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"6) I’ve neglected on several occasions to mention quarterbacks coach James Urban as one of the Ravens’ additions this offseason and that’s a mistake on my part. Just by watching Urban with the quarterbacks on the one day of rookie minicamp that was open to reporters, it’s clear that he’s going to have a significant role with how things are done on the offensive side of the ball."

"7) I also figured how the Ravens initially approached extending cornerback Jimmy Smith, signing him in April before he entered the final year of his rookie deal, would be a guide on how the negotiations with middle linebacker C.J. Mosley were handled. But the timeline is either different with Mosley or the two sides just haven’t been able to come to an agreement. When he spoke to the media about a month ago, Mosley made it sound as if negotiations hadn’t really begun. It would still surprise me if the Ravens let Mosley get close to the free-agent market."


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The consensus most important positions in Football.

1. Quarterback  /  Our situation: Joe Flacco- SB winning QB capable of clutch post season play but a slew of injuries and unacceptable play has marked him with a giant polarizing question mark. Lamar Jackson- Electric play maker with all the tools to be the centerpiece of an offense for years. Raw as a passer with footwork issues, but a live arm, pocket awareness, and underrated touch when combined with his game breaking running ability keep his floor as a plus game manager at worst.

Present Outlook: We have an incumbent starter and 1st round high potential project waiting in the wings. A rare opportunity to sit and grow a player without throwing them to the fire, and still compete for a championship. It's highly unlikely Flacco's play could possibly be worse than it was last year. With the injuries plaguing him and an awful support cast all gone, only positive indicators remain. It isn't going out on a limb to to suggest Flacco will have his best season in years, it's the smart bet. Elevation of the talent surrounding him, Competition and Motivation fueling him, Pressure on him. All of this has led to great success for Flacco in the past and should again. It's possible Jackson will contribute early through special packages, but all we can do is take a wait and see approach as we have no idea what that contribution will look like.

Future Outlook: Short of Flacco revealing himself to be a "broken" QB this season and just not being able to return to form, it's possible he still is the immediate future. We should make the playoffs this year and some more Flacco magic could earn a contract rework that keeps him for two more years at most, but at least one. I don't see the team wanting to sit Lamar for more than three years, it would allow him to grow physically, mentally, and still leave him two years of audition. Also it allows us to continue building a shadow nucleus around him, with the correct coaches and a young capable surrounding cast on offense. Obviously hundreds of variables surround Flacco's future situation, but the clarity of Lamar Jackson's is what is renewing optimism for the club. Jackson is THE future, even if Flacco is the immediate, sitting for a couple of years would be ideal as it is for any young QB prospect but year 1, 2, or 3 we have the most electric player to come out at the position in years. He's shown the ability to progress his skills every year and there's no reason to believe he won't continue to. Our future is all fire.

Grade: A-/B+: Controversial? I don't think so. We have an all time weirdo clutch starter in Joe Flacco who either will or won't return to form and get us into the playoffs, and a cheap swing at an all time athlete and play maker QBOTF in Lamar Jackson who's next man up. You can't do much better than that, and the combo seems perfect for the league's most disrespected franchise. Let the Packers, Patriots, and Colts run up combos like Favre-Rodgers, Brady-Garoppolo and Manning-Luck. I'll take Flacco-Jackson, and enjoy how much more it pisses people off when we rip rings with them.


2. Pass Rusher  /  Our situation: Terrell Suggs- The ageless wonder, sizzling until he burns out, remains one of the most well rounded and impactful EDGE players in the league. Tyus Bowser- High potential fluid and explosive athlete with a versatile skill set and active motor. Tim Williams- An expert pass rush specialist who has already shown the ability to batter high level tackles. Za'Darius Smith- A do it all Edge player on a lowered tier and inside/outside threat that thrives in a rotation where he can bring his underrated juice off the bench. Matt Judon- An explosive player with straight line play making ability. 

Present Outlook: The only thing holding this group back is coaching. If utilized correctly we could be fielding one of the deepest and most unique pass rush rotations in the league. Suggs will start obviously and continue to give us everything he has, beyond that we're left with assumptions. I'm guessing Tyus Bowser is going to beat out Judon for SAM. He's better in every area, has higher potential, and was a 2nd round pick. Pees's bias against rookies and young players is gone and hopefully Wink doesn't pick up where he left off. Bowser has superstar potential and I think we see it flash early. I expect a 10+ sack season from him, his COD, explosion, and motor should accomplish the task easily. For my money Judon is an overrated player by many fans, at least as a starter. His production has largely come from stunts and clear shots, two areas where he excels, and as a cleanup player opposite Suggs. Which is why he seems to disappear at times, he has trouble producing on his own in normal rush scenarios. In coverage he's great at straight line blowing up screens but that's it. As a run defender he's consistently a non factor and underwhelms. 

Judon was less effective imo because he became a starter, he's a full steam player that should be rotated in to go 100% every down. In that role I think we'll see much more impact per snap, I'd also like to see him get a shot at ZDS's inside rush role. If Judon is a fireball to rotate in, then Tim Williams is a meteor. What was so complicated about rotating T-Will in during obvious pass plays or even simpler 3rd and longs for Pees I'll never know.


^^Beating Joe Thomas for the first QB hit of his career to end the game. No one is making up T-Will's ability, and it's obvious his game translates. Wink can't be stupid enough to not use such a weapon, there's really nothing else to say. 

ZDS has juice from outside or inside, but again like Judon is better coming off the bench.

To sum up, we have 5 capable pass rushers and every drive should be able to send fresh body after fresh body to rip apart the opposition's passing game.

Future Outlook:  Za'Darius Smith is gone after this season, another team with tons of cap will overpay in FA for a C+ pass rush piece. Matt Judon will be gone the year after in another overpay scenario which has robbed our team of it's depth for years. 1 more season of Smith, 2 more seasons of Judon, 3 more seasons of Bowser and Williams. Suggs is year by year at this point. Tyus Bowser is the lock to be with the team long term. I'd like to think we could always keep Williams as a DPR long term but if he really gets going like we hope then his market will be interesting to see, as would the team's interest in resigning him. Locating a do it all EDGE player to be the heir to Suggs will be paramount going forward, but we'll have a young core in town for a while.

Grade: A: A Hall of Famer still playing at an elite level in Sizzle. Two young 10+ sack pass rushers in Bowser(22) and Williams(24). Two 5-10 sack pass rushers in Smith(25) &Judon(25). We have it all, and hopefully we can lean on the group deep into the playoffs year after year. 


3. Left Tackle  /  Our situation: Remember how stupid we were for passing on Tunsil? Turns out, as if often the case, we were right. Ronnie Stanley is the vastly superior player and will soon become the highest paid tackle in the league.(Until another big name player's contract rolls around).

Present Outlook: Ronnie Stanley(24) is still very much an ascending player in the league. I anticipate more plays like the one below and for him to take another step forward in both the run and pass game. He should step up into the discussion for the league's top 10 Tackles this year.

Future Outlook: Stanley is the future and it'll cost us. Short of his health which has been a bit of an issue though, it seems he'll be worth every penny going forward.

Grade: A+: We used a top 10 pick to try and nail down the position and it worked.


4. Cornerback  /  Our situation: How much time do you have? Jimmy Smith- Current shutdown corner battling injury and suspension concerns. Marlon Humphrey- The young Xenomorph single handedly bringing swagger back to the Raven's DB corps, developing faster than we could have hoped. Brandon Carr- The Ironman and steady capable presence. Tavon Young- An up and coming star player in the slot, capable of splash plays against both phases and coming off an injury. Maurice Canady- Another up and coming player with inside/outside versatility and room for growth. Anthony Averett- Tough and capable rookie who went against the best outside the NFL on the D League team Alabama. Jaylen Hill- An UDFA from last year who made it to the roster after stringing plus and splash plays together during the preseason, he's currently going through an ACL and MCL tear. Darious Williams- An over aged UDFA whose tape, workout numbers, and now play in camp has people excited.

Present Outlook: Jimmy and Jaylen could start the season on some injury designation, but that's the only negative. This group is amazing and with Tavon back, exceptionally versatile. Smith, Humphrey, and Young will be the targeted starters throughout the season and are a ridiculous core. We have insurance, depth, potential cooking, there isn't more you could want. Not to mention, not only are Young and Humphrey blankets in the pass game but are plus against the run as well. It will not be fun to play against our corners this year.

Future Outlook: Jimmy's future is the current biggest question. An oft injured, suspension in the books, 30 year old corner with a big cap hit on a team flush with young talent at the position. How will we handle that? If Weddle retires could he move to FS? Trade Bait? We'll see but he and Carr and are the only ones who could find themselves elsewhere. Marlon and Tavon will continue to develop as shutdowns and aren't going anywhere. If Canady continues to progress he could end up being that 3rd dog. Either way it's all sunshine at a position group that had been stuck in darkness for so long.

Grade: A+: Lacks the name power of the Jaguar's duo but imo is a better group and one of the stronger positional groups owned by a franchise across all positions. They're the strength of the team and almost carried us to playoff's last year with lights out play that masked many deficiencies elsewhere on the defense. Jimmy, Marlon, and Tavon have all had shutdown performances against the league's best, and those performances of Marlon and Tavon came in their rookie years. I'm super excited to see how this group grows together. 


We have a lot to be optimistic about, and even though these past few years have had some heavy downs for us as a fan base. ^^^This young core at key positions, which we built in those dark years, will showcase the difference between us and other franchises. 

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Ravens deffo have the edge over the Steelers irt promising young players to build a squad around. 1 maybe 2 years from now the division should be theirs for several years, especially if LJ pans out. as you mentioned above they did a good job in rebuilding this team and establish great depth at key positions, many of them filled with guys that have only been in the league for 2 years max.

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