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Third Playoff Committee Rankings

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1 hour ago, NateDawg said:

The full top 25 is used to inflate the resume/SOS of the teams the committee seems fit. 

Exactly.  Kentucky was a great story early in the year, got some good upsets and will deserve their bowl game assignment.  However, they shouldn't be ranked at this point.  LSU only dropping down to 7 after being embarrassed by Alabama just further proves the point here.  However, in addition to the SEC, they are also attempting to do this with Clemson and the ACC too. 

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Kentucky and LSU are complete head scratchers for me. They've proven that they are what their record says they are. They shouldn't have inflated ranks based on SOS, I feel their results reflect an accurate ranking. The committee moves the goal posts constantly and ranks second tier teams to support their agenda.

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16 hours ago, IDOG_det said:

Washington State should have jumped Oklahoma and LSU 

Agreed.  But they were shafted early on in the rankings with barely any other Pac-12 teams ranked.  Currently, there are only two ranked besides Washington State. 

Also, the Pac-12 has only fielded one playoff team so far, so history is against them.  And their historically strong teams have taken steps back this year. 

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