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Preseason Week 2 - Chiefs vs Bengals

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1 minute ago, Jakuvious said:

Were it actually Jah Reid as a few posters thought, I would say it's impressive, because he's not bad. But, this wasn't even really a backup OT. Donald Hawkins would be roughly our 5th player to normally go into the game at LT (Fisher starts, Reid's the backup swing tackle, Witzman would be moved to LT if both were down, and Devey is our actual listed backup LT right now.) So Donald Hawkins is basically one of those guys just on the roster to take snaps. As one of the posters above said, it is encouraging for you, because your DE did what he should have done, embarrassing a lesser player. But the LT in question is also just that bad.

Appreciate all the feedback.  I re-watched parts of the game and Chris Smith did have some snaps against Eric Fisher and other OT's as well.  Not nearly as dominant but he did get some good pressure on Mahomes going against Fisher.  We'll see if he can translate that to the regular season...

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