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Week 12: Everything Sucks Eagles vs Giants


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Come on. Pick yourselves up. I've literally gone a decade WANTING to be in the position the Eagles are in. I've watched garbage football hoping for half a dozen teams to lose and the Browns to win three in a row for a darkhorse "Pigs will fly" chance at a 6th seed.


I did the math: 

Redskins are 6-4 with @jax, @ten vs Philly and @ philly . They also lost their Qb for the season (tragic but dog eat dog.) I honestly can see them maybe winning 2 more but they are out of contention like the lead bomber in Memphis Bell. They'll finish 8-8 or 7-9. 

Cowboys are 5-5 with vs Aints, At indy and vs Us  . If we can beat them and they lose both of those, they'll go 8-8. 

G-spots... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Vs Chicago,  at Us, vs Tenn, At Indy. They'll be lucky to go 5-11. 

Lastly we have the Eagles! The main reason we are all here. We are 4-6 and we have Vs/At Wash, Vs NYG, At Dallas, At LAR, and Vs Texans. If the Eagles can just win the rest of their divisional games and snip off either the Rams or the Texans... we are going to the playoffs! Heck even IF we cannot beat either the Texans or the Rams AND if we just win our divisional games we would STILL go to the playoffs at 8-8 because of our great divisional record. Eagles 5-1 vs cowgirls 4-2. 

Injuries and such may have lost us a few games, AND we might have got blown out by the Ain'ts but this is far from over. All we have to do is beat on our garbage divisional foes...

So put this man aside:


And get ready for some football!

Playoffs spots are earned in November and December. 

Master "The Haul" Cheddaar



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17 minutes ago, Art_Vandalay said:

This is the game where you see whether or not they're actually good. They're going to come out ticked off and laser focused. If they're a good team, they should win this easily. If they lose, then they're legitimately a bad team.

Giants have been playing decent lately.. we'll see. 

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48 minutes ago, Matts4313 said:

I dont know who I want to win. I kinda want the Giants to win so they have less of a shot at getting a QB.... But then again if you lose there is a better chance you all rebuild quickly. 

you dont want us to lose...if we are picking top ten we are getting a stud Dlineman like Bosa, Oliver or Williams. or some other stud
then on top of it we will fire Groh and get better offensive minds in here to help doug.

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Sadly and I can't believe I'm saying this because it's a Jeezla/Ninja type thing to say but I'm torn on whether or not to tank for a top 5-10 pick or hope to win this ****ty divisions title?

One hand: Getting a Stud top 10 pick in a loaded Defensive class, making the rest of our picks high, only aides thus team building towards the future. With all the injuries , chances of repeating are dismal at best.

Other Hand: Entire World thought the same thing last season. Impossible , Unlikely, Zero % chance to win. If you're not in it you can't Win it. Anything is possible if a team gets hot mentality.

Flip a damn coin! Find out Sunday which side I land on.

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56 minutes ago, eagles18 said:

I wonder how important Jernigan is to the defense now that he is back.. Barkley scorched us last game.. 

According to some of the excellent minds of NFL Gen, Jernigan is our best player, period. Sounds blasphemous to me, but hey, hopefully they're right and our run D has a quick turn around.

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I'd still rather take my shots in the playoffs than the unknown of the draft. We could draft a dud or a dude. 

Greedy Williams or some other CB can't cover all day if the pass rush is terri-bad. 

A stud RB doesn't mean squat if he's touching it 8x a game. Add the fact all our curent RBs are hurt, they can be resigned at a discount. 

A top rookie pass rusher can't turn around that back seven.  

You beat Brees by keeping him on the sideline. All offensive drives should be 6:1 run/pass 

Gurley is bothered by an ankle...I can see them being 1 dimensional in December 

Chicago, MN and Carolina you have to make their QB uncomfortable 

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9 hours ago, Nabbs4u said:

One bad Game doesn't negate the season he was/is having. People are over reacting way to much to the Saints debacle.

i mean he's got some noticeable problems this season he didnt have last season. of course it can be attributed to playcalling and other people underperforming but it's still concerning.

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8 hours ago, Daimonas said:

i mean he's got some noticeable problems this season he didnt have last season. of course it can be attributed to playcalling and other people underperforming but it's still concerning.

I'm honestly not concerned one bit outside of the health of his Knee. Like every QB in the NFL it's starts upfront with protection. Something he clearly had almost all of last year and doesn't have in the slightest this year. Causing him to force things.

That along with No running game and ****ty playcaling has effected his 3rd down and RZ percentages. Everything else his numbers were on par with or better then his MVP campaign.

Case in point the Andrew Luck we are seeing in 2018 compared to the Luck of 14-16!

OL, Running Game, Coaching. Makes a difference!


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