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Fantasy Football (Keeper League 2017) - Draft 9/5 @ 9

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Here's the link to the past thread if you're interested: 

Winner - @Anonymous3
Winner - @XU Lou
Winner - @Beck Bristow
Winner - @Beck Bristow
Winner - @johndeere1707
Winner - @theJ
Winner - @Carson4MVP
Winner - cc9
Winner - @theJ
Winner - @BuckeyeBengal77
Winner - @BuckeyeBengal77


LEAGUE SIGN UP: August 27th

If you do not sign back up before the deadline, i will start actively seeking your replacement on August 27th.  Those that are not part of the league and wish to join may post your interest here.  Your post will essentially be your "dibs" if someone does not join.Rules (it's long, but not really complicated):



1. Each team can keep from 0-3 players from their previous end-of-season roster – Depending on what players are left on your team at the end of the previous season, you may wish to “keep” none of your players. 

2. Players drafted in the first 2 rounds of a draft can not be kept in the following season – This prevents the top tier of players from being kept and creating massively unfair teams. Due to rule 4 below, the first 2 rounds technically couldn’t be kept anyways. 

3. A Player can only be kept a maximum of 3 consecutive times – This rule is there just to keep things interesting. If you want the same player(s) on the same team year after year, maybe you should start a Dynasty league instead. 

EDIT: Clarifier: A player may be kept 3 times consecutively, regardless of which team is keeping them.  Meaning two teams can't trade 3rd year keepers so that they can keep them for 3 more years.

4. For each player that is kept (and was originally drafted by a team), that manager must give up a draft pick 2 picks higher than where the player was initially drafted the year before – This ensures that players that improve in talent each season are accounted for. If Frank Gore was drafted in the 13th round last year, you probably don’t want him counting for a teams 13th pick for the next 3 years. 

Example: Wide receiver Brandon Marshall was drafted in the 11th round last year. If kept, this year he would account for the teams 9th round pick. If kept again, the following year he would be considered the 7th round pick. 

5. Any player that went undrafted the previous year, but is being kept, will count as a team’s 3rd to last draft pick – This rule is there to slightly reward good drafting, as keeping free agent pickups are a little pricier than last round draft picks. 

Example: Marques Colston was picked up off free agency last season by a team. If the league has 15 rounds in its draft, and the manager wishes to keep Colston, he must give up his 12th round pick the following season (as opposed to a player drafted in the 15th round, who would only count for the 13th pick). 

6. If you do not have a draft pick for a round to give up to keep a player, you must give up the next higher pick – This will only happen if you keep your second to last rounder and a free agent pickup (or multiple free agent pickups). In this case, you will lose your 12th and 13th rounder (assuming a 15 round draft). 

Example: You wish to keep two free agents that you picked up during last season. Because both of them would qualify for your 12th pick (in a 15 round draft), one must count as the 12th pick, but the other will have to be your 11th pick. 

7. No trading of picks or players (players can still be traded during the season before the trade deadline - This is to keep teams from trading a player that wasn't going to be kept in order to get an extra draft pick. In a way, this rewards the team extra for good drafting, but also gives an unfair advantage for the following season. 

To clarify: 

-For all trades, you will give up the draft pick that he was chosen at. So if i drafted Cedric Benson in the 7th and traded him, he's still worth the 7th rounder and the team who chooses to keep him will give up a 5th. 

-However, if you drafted say, Jamal Charles in the 13th, and dropped him, his round value is void. So the team that picks him up in FA will give up a 12th, not an 11th. 

I will investigate all keepers for how they were acquired, so you don't have to worry about it. I'll end up posting here what you'll be giving up. Feel free to give me this info if you'd like, it will make the investigation easier. 

Addendum: I want to head this off before it occurs: 

In order to keep a player, he has to actually play a game with your fantasy team. Meaning, you can't pick up Dez Bryant, then use your 12th rounder to keep him (he's on IR). The same goes for any player on IR. 

This is meant to discourage owners from picking up guys on IR with the intent of using them as keeper players the following years.


Teams - everyone is autosigned in
@BuckeyeBengal77 (HangOnSloopy)
@TWALK Dalton4MVP (formerly @Carson4MVP)
@Delbert (Delbert's Autopicks)
@Beck Bristow (George Feeny Bristow)
@johnnyonetime (Anonymous) (formerly Gregor Jones)
@XU Lou (XU Lou) (formerly KennyBania formerly Villain formerly maximus)
@theJ (Team J)
@ochocinco4pres (The Holy Ocho's)
@johndeere1707 (johndeere) (formerly cc9)
@BathBengal (BathBengal) (formerly Ark23)
@Futbudds (futbudds)

2017 Draft Order

  1. @Delbert
  2. @ochocinco4pres
  3. @Futbudds
  4. Dominators
  5. @BathBengal
  6. @TWALK 
  7. @Beck Bristow
  8. @BuckeyeBengal77
  9. @XU Lou
  10. @theJ
  11. @johndeere1707
  12. @johnnyonetime (formerly @Anonymous3)

Keeper Status (Due September 2nd)

Dak Prescott 12th
Michael Thomas 7th
Tyler Eifert 6th

Team J
David Johnson (10th) - 2nd keep
Pierre Garcon (12th)
Derek Carr (9th)

The Holy Ocho's

Doug Baldwin (9th) kept twice
Jay Ajayai 12th
Davante Adams 11th


Isaiah Crowell    8th
Jordan Howard    12th
Golden Tate    11th

Jimmy Graham 12th
Terrance West 4th

C.J. Anderson  8th (kept three times)
Tyreek Hill 12th
Tyrell Williams 11th

johnnyonetime (formerly Anonymous)
Rob Kelley  12th
Thomas Rawls  11th
Jarvis Landry   7th (kept three times)

Beck Bristow
Jameis Winston   9th (kept twice)
Tyler Lockett  11th (kept twice)

XU Lou

Devonta Freeman     2nd    (kept twice)
Terrelle Pryor Sr.    12th     
Jordan Reed     9th    (kept twice)

John Brown  12th


Odell Beckham Jr.     8th    (kept three times)
Kyle Rudolph 12th

Ty Montgomery  12th
Jamison Crowder  11th
Hunter Henry  10th

2017 Trades

None so far

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Team J (round you would keep them) (# of times kept)
Derek Carr 9th  
Pierre Garcon 12th  
DeSean Jackson 3rd  
David Johnson  10th (kept once)
Marqise Lee 12th  
Doug Martin Not keepable  
Donte Moncrief 1st  
Latavius Murray  8th (kept twice)
Cam Newton  5th (kept once)
Greg Olsen 2nd  
C.J. Prosise 12th  
Allen Robinson Not keepable  
Jacquizz Rodgers 12th  
Steve Smith Sr. 12th  
Dustin Hopkins 12th  
Kansas City 11th  
The Holy Ocho's    
Davante Adams 12th  
Jay Ajayi 12th  
Doug Baldwin  9th (kept once)
Blake Bortles 5th  
Cameron Brate 12th  
Tevin Coleman 6th  
Larry Fitzgerald 3rd  
Matt Forte 1st  
Alshon Jeffery Not keepable  
Brandon Marshall 12th  
Lamar Miller Not keepable  
Theo Riddick 11th  
Tyrod Taylor 12th  
Stephen Hauschka 12th  
Oakland 12th  
RIP DAL3suomynona    
Le'Veon Bell Not keepable  
Drew Brees 4th  
Eric Ebron 12th  
Todd Gurley  Not keepable (kept once)
Dontrelle Inman 12th  
Rob Kelley 12th  
Jarvis Landry  7th (kept twice)
Rishard Matthews 12th  
Malcolm Mitchell 12th  
Thomas Rawls 12th  
Charles Sims 12th  
Willie Snead 6th  
Adam Thielen 12th  
Matt Bryant 12th  
New York 12th  
Bath Terribads    
Devontae Booker 12th  
Kirk Cousins 6th  
Michael Crabtree 4th  
Jamison Crowder 12th  
Will Fuller V 12th  
Melvin Gordon 1st  
Hunter Henry 12th  
Mark Ingram  5th (kept twice)
Dion Lewis 12th  
Ty Montgomery 12th  
Matt Ryan 12th  
Jonathan Stewart  8th (kept twice)
Dwayne Washington 12th  
Adam Vinatieri 12th  
Buffalo 12th  
C.J. Anderson  8th (kept twice)
Jack Doyle 12th  
Julian Edelman 1st  
Ezekiel Elliott Not keepable  
Tyreek Hill 12th  
Chris Ivory 12th  
Marvin Jones Jr.  9th (kept once)
Marcus Mariota 12th  
LeSean McCoy Not keepable  
Paul Perkins 12th  
Ben Roethlisberger  10th (kept once)
Emmanuel Sanders 5th  
James Starks 12th  
Tyrell Williams 12th  
Caleb Sturgis 12th  
Miami 12th  
Travis Benjamin 12th  
Dez Bryant Not keepable  
Isaiah Crowell 8th  
Stefon Diggs 7th  
Zach Ertz 12th  
Jordan Howard 12th  
Carlos Hyde 1st  
Julio Jones Not keepable  
Andrew Luck 2nd  
Philip Rivers 6th  
Mohamed Sanu 11th  
Golden Tate 12th  
Delanie Walker 3rd  
Stephen Gostkowski 12th  
Seattle 4th  
Cole Beasley 12th  
Anquan Boldin 12th  
Antonio Brown Not keepable  
John Brown 12th  
T.Y. Hilton 1st  
Chris Hogan 12th  
Duke Johnson Jr. 3rd  
Colin Kaepernick 12th  
Travis Kelce 2nd  
Alex Smith 12th  
Darren Sproles 12th  
Sammy Watkins Not keepable  
T.J. Yeldon 12th  
Josh Lambo 12th  
Nick Novak 12th  
New England 13th  
GeorgeFeeney Bristow    
Corey Coleman 8th  
Brandin Cooks Not keepable  
Michael Floyd  10th (kept once)
Frank Gore 2nd  
Rob Gronkowski Not keepable  
Lance Kendricks 12th  
Tyler Lockett  11th (kept once)
Eli Manning 5th  
DeMarco Murray 1st  
DeVante Parker 6th  
Julius Thomas 7th  
James White 12th  
Jameis Winston  9th (kept once)
Dan Bailey 12th  
Denver 3rd  
Lou Stripey Wotsits    
Tom Brady 4th  
Vernon Davis 12th  
Kenneth Dixon 12th  
Mike Evans Not keepable  
Devonta Freeman  2nd (kept once)
Jordan Matthews 3rd  
Jordy Nelson Not keepable  
Terrelle Pryor Sr. 12th  
Jordan Reed  9th (kept once)
Matthew Stafford 5th  
Spencer Ware 8th  
Mason Crosby 13th  
Arizona 6th  
Houston 12th  
Los Angeles 12th  
Matt Asiata 12th  
Odell Beckham Jr.  8th (kept twice)
Kelvin Benjamin 3rd  
Tyler Boyd 6th  
A.J. Green Not keepable  
Jeremy Hill 1st  
Jalen Richard 12th  
Kyle Rudolph 12th  
Sterling Shepard 5th  
Chris Thompson 12th  
Carson Wentz 12th  
Charcandrick West 12th  
Russell Wilson 2nd  
Matt Prater 12th  
Minnesota 12th  
Delbert's Autopicks    
LeGarrette Blount 2nd  
Kenny Britt 13th  
Amari Cooper 1st  
Quincy Enunwa 12th  
Jimmy Graham 12th  
Rashad Jennings 3rd  
Carson Palmer 5th  
Adrian Peterson Not keepable  
Brian Quick 12th  
Aaron Rodgers Not keepable  
Eddie Royal 12th  
Terrance West 4th  
Jason Witten 11th  
Roberto Aguayo 7th  
Los Angeles 12th  
Tavon Austin 12th  
Andy Dalton 5th  
Tyler Eifert 6th  
Coby Fleener 12th  
Percy Harvin 12th  
Derrick Henry 2nd  
Tim Hightower 12th  
DeAndre Hopkins Not keepable  
Jerick McKinnon 12th  
Bilal Powell 12th  
Dak Prescott 12th  
Demaryius Thomas 1st  
Michael Thomas 7th  
Justin Tucker 13th  
Philadelphia 12th  

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Ok so because Yahoo auto-renewed everyone, i need everyone to check in here, PM or email me that they're back.

@XU Lou - can you get with your nephew to find out if he's playing again?  it would be helpful if he could join the forum and post his keepers here.

I'll chase down my brother for the other spot.

As always, if you have interest in playing, post it here.  Anyone who fails to show up will lose their team to the first new comer.

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Checked the old site just to see what I drafted last year not for research or anything but just to remind myself how bad I am at drafting.

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Just to be clear on this when you do look for replacements, I only want to say I'm out.

I did a keeper league one time, and I didn't like it. I was terrible as you could probably guess as well. Too much of a challenge for me.

So in the words of shark tank, I leave you with this....


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3 hours ago, MrCincinnati said:

I guess you've never watched the show shark tank

Oh I do. And you're dead to me.  But that doesn't mean you can quit. My team has sucked since the beginning. Still here fighting the fight 

Edited by ochocinco4pres

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