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vike daddy

Are we at the end of the Rhodes...?

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4 hours ago, vikingsrule said:

We're cursed in a way, being regularly too good to have a top 5 pick, or even top 10 pick. Looking at the most recent top 10 picks, Matt Kalil (top 5) in 2012 and Anthony Barr in 2014 (top 10), we really blew those two picks by not taking true difference makers. 

Kalil was a bust after a promising rookie year. Injuries and what seems to be a lack of interest killed his career.

Barr was just an underwhelming pick and i think many saw that when he was penciled in as a 4-3 off ball OLB. You just don't draft that position early. The pick in hindsight should have been Aaron Donald or Zach Martin.

Neither draft was great for QBs in that top 10. Colts lucked out with Luck and weren't going to budge. Washington went all in for RGIII but ended up with a better QB in round four (who's now our problem). Tannehill was an okay pick, just seems injuries have really derailed his career.

I have a tough time calling Barr a "bust."  Is he splashy?  No.  But, he generally takes care of business...AND he broke Aaron Rodgers collarbone...that alone has to be worth something!!!

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8 hours ago, swede700 said:

There's thing called trading.  If there is a "once-in-a-lifetime" QB (which is a silly notion anyway), they have the option to trade up for the guy they want...without tanking.  The Chiefs did it.  Washington thought they did it when they traded up for RGIII.  The Eagles did it.  You don't have to sacrifice an entire season to "Suck for Luck" or whatever nonsense they come up with for Lawrence.    


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