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Game 12: Browns @ Texans; the Browns Superbowl.


get on that poll.  

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  1. 1. Baker is...

    • GOATy
    • good.
    • Hornbybrown
    • the best thing from texas
    • QB1 (of the nfl)
  2. 2. Browns go to Texas and

    • kick name and take ***
    • just win baby
    • Houstans texas wins (refs)
    • hornby2
  3. 3. Who wins NFL rookie of the week this is

    • Baker
    • Ward
    • Corbett
    • Chubb
    • chad
    • Callway (he is due)
    • Avery (also due
    • Simeon Thomas
    • kiwi
    • Desmond harrison

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27 minutes ago, OttoGrahamsGhost said:

If Baker can stay upright, I think this will be a much closer game than the "experts" think.  Just gotta keep Baker erect and confident in his abilities.  No ED in his performance today.

Need a lot of double TE sets and big house backfields, screens, good run game/PA pass to slow down watt clowney and mercilus 

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18 minutes ago, OttoGrahamsGhost said:

I hate how all these national media personalities are all about name recognition.  It's ridiculous, just heard Tedi Bruschi say the reason the Texans were going to win because the Texans would take away Jarvis Landry. That's what every team has tried to do the last few weeks.  Landry has 11 catches for just over 100 yards the passed three weeks and we are 2-1.  Taking Landry out of the game is not the recipe for success against Cleveland. 

Yeah, Landry isn't really a threat as a #1 or #2 when we have the roster that can keep him in the slot he will be more dangerous.

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