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The Welder and the Wolf Hunter


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4 hours ago, Texas_OutLaw7 said:

This kid has the “It” factor that we’ve been looking for and missing for well over a decade. This is that take no prisoners, accept nothing but the best, never settle, never compromise, make no excuses, reject mediocrity, and always strive to improve mentality that I have been begging for; SCREAMING for. LVE gets it. That mentality is what real leaders are made out of. That is what champions are made out of. 

Many of you guys hated on me for years for going on record and taking that stance. Some of you still do, because I reject mediocrity, refuse to settle, and expect excellence every second of every minute of every hour or every day of every week of every month of every God damned year. Well, LVE gets it. He lives it, breathes it. And, by God, he’s the first player in 15 damned years who actually makes me want to spend money on this team. 

Thank you. @Texas_OutLaw7. That made my night.

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