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Dynasty League Start-up.


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Hey everyone. Making this brief to gauge interest. How many of you would be interested in a 12 team Dynasty league.


Penciled in owners: 




3x Redditors (who should be joining this forum)



@48 1/2ers

obviously some of this debatable. 

No trade vetoing 

.5 PPR

No Kickers or defense (or IDP), but I'd be willing to hear out reasons for keeping D or doing IDP (If majority wanted this, I'd be ok with it)

2 game playoff system past wildcard (WC is week 12), no game on the 17th week because of players getting benched. (Also, majority overrule on week 17 would be fine with me). 

Would start a slack channel, but could still use a post for communication.

Devy League too. (High school draft)


Contract league, start up draft (only) then it moves into an auction draft after startup draft. There's a heavy heavy luxury tax. .

25 players total (up for debate). 


You MUST be attentive to this league. You will be removed without hesitation if you're not plugging in your lineup. People who let trade offers linger for more than a couple days will be  shamed, tarred and feathered. 

I regret not starting a league like this years ago, because I've been on this forum for 15 years and it would have been fun to see a league over the span of that period.  Plus, Dynasty is just the best format for FF, people who suck have plenty of strategy and goals to work towards, people who don't still have to manage their success and roster in a way that won't decimate them long term. 


I have a pseudo manifesto from our own league which has been an absolutely incredible experience the last 6 years, think we should too. 

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I would love to join a dynasty league, but honestly auction drafts take waaaaay too long. I remember doing one with my uncle when I was a teenager for baseball and it took like 8 hours. 

25 team league? where 8 teams make the playoffs? yuck. That means that if your team has any injuries at QB then you are FFFFed


I am fine with no kicker, no defense seems odd, but ok

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Interesting concept, I just started up a keeper league this last year and hadnt really heard of a dynasty format. What are some of the particulars? If the article I read briefly was correct you carry your roster completely over from one year to the next? If so how do you draft? Do you have to decide which players you are going to keep prior to the next years draft? Or do you draft and have cuts when you know what you have?

Honestly, I am a fan of including IDPs, why should offense get all the glory? But I have other leagues that I can get my fix in with them if need be. But count me as a very interested party.

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5 minutes ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

How the hell does that work???? Lol. 

So first year of this, since it's new we have our startup draft with all current NFL players. Then we have our auction draft which would have rookies and anyone left over from the start-up draft. (essentially any player on waivers). Then we do our HS draft. Which we could probably finangle the order a bit. Maybe use Fantasy Pros and do a two round, serpentine HS draft. (More then enough high profile players to make this work) and then following yearrs it would just be one round (or two if people like that) and then it's determined by record.

Literally, anyone in HS can be drafted. No matter the grade. You could've drafted  HS LeBron James 

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I've always wanted to be part of a dynasty league and I may be dropping out of a pay-home league I am currently in so pencil me in as well.

I've always played with IDPs and would actually prefer them over using team d/st but i'm game for whatever. 

What site will we be using?

I think its been quite a few years since we ran a fantasy league here @gridirongorilla  (right tag i think?) ran ours for a bit.

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