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Dynasty League Start-up.

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3 hours ago, Ftn49 said:

So I installed sleeper the other day when you mentioned it and I didn't see a format in the drafting for an auction draft.

Good to know. I'm going to take a look at it tonight. If not, we might just do it on Slack. Honestly, might even work doing it in here.


In the other league, we've just done it this way and it's been fine. Might even be better to do it on here. MIght not be able to get everyone to dedicated like 3 hours in one night. But startup won't be an auction. Just a normal draft. 

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New slack invite into the slack group. Let me checkout sleeper @SoCalNiner


Again. So we're doing the draft next saturday or the weekend before week 1. Really need people to ask questions and communicate availability if we want this dynasty league to get off the ground. 

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Link to the sleeper app. https://sleeper.app/i/jw3DR8EA5YRo


Slack Link


PLEASE join slack, join the sleeper league and refer to the google doc previously posted on the first post. PLEASE give me dates for availability when it comes to a draft. If scheduling is a huge problem, we can stretch it out of a week. We just have to get this done before week 1 if we want to start it this season.


Draft info: 

We will have our startup draft. There will be NO auction for this. It will be a serpentine draft.  There is also a HS draft. Ftn49 and I have already played around with some ideas to pursue next year, but as it stands, ywe will each get 1 HS draft pick. Whomever is lucky enough to get first overall pick enough in the startup to get the first overall pick in the startup draft will get the last pick in the HS draft.


Draft dates and times: 

SoCal and I will both have issues getting next weekend done. I could maybe swing it, but I really don't want to pull the trigger on this and get this off on the wrong foot. Like I said, we could stretch this process out and give everyone a longer time period and do the draft here on FF as opposed to Sleeper.


The time frames we are looking at are next Friday the 30th to Sunday the 1st. 

Pinging everyone who agreed to do this. PLEASE be involved. (some of you have already joined slack, thank you!)




@48 1/2ers







Would also encourage everyone to follow this thread. 

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