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Dynasty League Start-up.

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2 minutes ago, N4L said:

i will do it tonight after the game or tomorrow



Part of why i'm wanting people in sooner rather than later is I have two guys on stand-by, but I need to get people in so I can build our each persons googledoc. 

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1 hour ago, N4L said:

i will do it tonight after the game or tomorrow

Same.........Or sometime this week lol.

1 hour ago, John232 said:


Would Friday 6:00 PM work?

Really want people to be on Slack and Sleeper ASAP so I can start getting scoring, user names, team names and draft order set. Then I can send out the league by-lawss.




Need you guys need to get  on Slack and Sleeper. Trying to figure out availability and we're slowly landing on  the evening of friday the 30th.  I know you guys are busy, so try doing it by end of the week. 


I'm good with that day and time.

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1 hour ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

You can take my spot if there is no room left. @John232 I'm trying not to lag but I know I will lol. If you already have 12 slots, you can give my slot to Chain.

Sad day J, Sad day. Next year some spots might open up, you might be inheriting a team but we'll see how this year goes (if you're still interested). 


@cHaInBrEaKeRiii Long time no see! I'll send you the information in aa PM. You're going to be joining Sleeper and Slack. Try to keep usernames the same. Easier for tracking purposes. 


@N4L Let me know if you need the info sent to you again. 

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5 hours ago, burlow said:

If you have people wanting to join I would like to give up my spot, things are getting busy.  If you do not have anyone I will find time but there seems to be more involvement than I was aware of.

All good! thanks for the heads up. 


@cHaInBrEaKeRiii All you. If you got the slack and sleeper link, get ready and join. 

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16 hours ago, N4L said:

I am supposed to be seeing Hamilton with the gf's family on Friday at 7pm. Is there an autodraft feature? I am going to get slack and sleeper when I get home tonight 

Cool, i'll remind you tomorrow if you don't. There's an auto-draft feature. I think there's a way to set up a big board. If not, email me a big board. There's one other person whose missing it too. 

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