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We’re signing Josh Johnson, QB


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On 12/6/2018 at 12:41 AM, naptownskinsfan said:

What really confuses me is how we end up carrying two quarterbacks to be able to have more depth, but when we lost both starting guards, we had to sign someone who had just been cut by another team to start for us.  I know that no team plans to have four guards hurt, but we were barely prepared for two, much less three, then four.  

Yet we carry so many freaking defensive backs, wide receivers and running backs on this roster, you won't ever be able to use them all.  Oh, and let's not forget our four ILB's because neither Foster or Brown can cover worth a damn.  

Our roster construction is absolutely turrible. 

I can’t blame them too much in roster construction except for not having enough interior OL depth, and that all goes back to the nfl draft and taking Gerron Christian over a versatile C/G/T like Mason Cole. Cole played both C & LT at Michigan, he should’ve been our starting LG day 1 this year, and who knows maybe Christian falls around and we can take him in round 4. 

We kept so many RBs, WRs & DBs because they were in fact our best depth players after the initial top depth players. The only players I can think of arguing for over some of them was Anthony Lanier (but we had Allen, Ioannidis, the vet & more versatile Hood & picked up Brantley), Pete Robertson (but we had Anderson & McPhee), Phil Taylor (but we had Payne & Settle) or Spaight (but we had JHC, SDH & Vigil).

Those extra RBs, WRs, DBs and ILBs are also our special teams core players. You keep 6 WRs, 4 RBS and 9 or 10 Dbs because those are your special teams guys.

Lastly, because of the rules changes of a few years ago the #3 QB is inactive on game day anyways so, it’s arguably pointless to keep 3 QBs on your active roster unless it’s a high or mid round draft pick developing behinds your starter and a vet back up, which we may infact have next year.  Where I think we screwed up in the QB department the most was by not keeping a young developmental QB on the practice squad. If we had done that, then the Josh Johnson signing wouldn’t have been necessary.

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