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TNF GDT Titans vs Jags

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4 hours ago, RuskieTitan said:

Correct. Ramsey was the one who let Henry run by untouched on the 50+ yard TD run because he was afraid.

And also didn't even attempt to chase Henry down on the 99 yard play. He looked lazy and disinterested often last night.

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2 hours ago, buno67 said:

He would be inheriting a defense that went to the AFC title game. The way that team is playing, what they did last year should hold no weight because the OL is utter garbage and that defense is a complete shtt show right now

The OL is starting it's 4th LT, 3rd LG, and 2nd C due to injuries.  There's not a lot (if any)  NFL team that can sustain that and be functional unless you have a QB that defenses just absolutely fear, and even that guy will come down his normal level. 

They will still have question marks (how does Robinson bounce back,  what happens with Parnell at RT)  but Norwell and Linder should be back which is an improvement already.

Not the Cowboys or Seahawks OL at their heyday, but it's nowhere near the mess it is today. 

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