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TNF GDT Titans vs Jags


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55 minutes ago, dtait93 said:

Rashaan Evans is a fing monster

While I agree, what did he do?  I missed the first half.

52 minutes ago, RuskieTitan said:

Second greatest run I've ever witnessed behind only Beastquake.

Yeah, that was amazing.  He decided to finally run like an angry, massive human.

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Just now, TitanLegend said:

Everyone needs to remember the name Anthony Firkser. Dude has caught every target thrown his way so far this season, think he's up to like 16 or 17 targets. Has some insane hands. Might be turning in to something.

No surprise that Anthony Frisker has great hands.

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4 minutes ago, TitanLegend said:

Made the stop on Fournette on 4th and goal at the 1 for the Jags.


1 minute ago, dtait93 said:

Made a great play in the backfield on a 4th down goal line stand

Yes!!  My BDL Stud.

He will be a monster as he gets experience.

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Just now, sryan66611 said:

Why doesn't Jags put out Brandon Allen and YOLO the rest of the season its obviously not either of Kessler or Bortles

It's like the Giants of last year. They sit Eli and instead of playing the young Davis Webb they play Geno Smith.

It's like, what are you even doing?

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