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Welcome to the new NFL General forum.   There are a ton of new features to help you discuss and debate football with 1000s of football fans.  Head over to the feedback forum to learn more about the features and test them out.

Your NFL General mods are @EliteTexan80 @TheVillain112 @Forge.  Your Global Moderators are @iPwn, @The LBC, and @MrDrew. Contact any of them with questions or problems.  

If you need a refresh on the forum rules, please have a look.  We've had problems with trolling in the past and we are going to work to try and keep NFL General free from trolls.  We won't catch every rule violation, so if you see something, please PM a moderator to report it.   Also, understand that not every negative comment about your favorite team or player is trolling.  Last NFL season too many topics were derailed with arguments over who was or wasn't trolling.  Let's not do that again this season.  

One new feature which should help you in NFL General is the ignore feature.  You can now ignore any member and you won't see their posts.   So, if you find yourself having the same arguments over and over again with a member and you are tired of them, you can now ignore them.  If someone is starting topics which you feel are not the best quality, you can ignore them.   Use this feature to improve your experience on the forum.

Please be careful with how you use the new @member mention feature.  Do not use this to 'call out' other members for their previous football comments or to drag them back into arguments.   Abuse of this feature will lead to warnings.

Finally, have fun and enjoy the new features.


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