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POTD Mon 8/21: Watching TV


How Do You Get Live TV?  

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  1. 1. How Do You Get Live TV?

    • Still use cable/satellite
    • Only have an antenna
    • I use a live streaming service (Sling, DTV Now, PS Vue...)
    • I let friends and the bar pay the bill
    • I don't waste my time with TV
    • I just wait for show to be put up on the network's site for free
    • I'm only watching original content from Netflix/Amazon/Hulu

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Meant to do something about the eclipse, but I'm old and forgot. You get this instead...

The way we watch TV is totally different than it was a few years ago. Some people have moved form cable/satellite to a streaming service. Some people only use an antenna. Some people have dropped any live TV service, and only watch original content from streaming services.  How do you do it?

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1 hour ago, bucsfan333 said:

Until someone else gets the rights to show every NFL game, I'm sticking with DirecTV. Can't watch my Bucs games without it, unless I wanna try illegally and give my pc cancer.

Same... Sunday Ticket is 100% of the decision making process for me

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I still pay for cable (an obnoxious amount: $180/mo) and it's pretty much just for sports. If I just buy an antenna will I get fox and cbs and stuff? I don't even remember what non-cable is anymore 

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