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Week 15 GDT: LAC@KC

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Chiefs offense sputtered and the defense was the usual abysmal result.

Chiefs guilty of 10 penalties. Ugly deserving of no win.

Chiefs only gained 234 yds. passing, 60yds. rushing. That's way too vanilla to win this late in the season.

Defense gave up a whopping 5.0 yds/run. Add in our NFL worst pass defense and i'm not surprised at the outcome.

KC has tough sledding to gain a coveted 1st. rd. BYE. We had the chance to close out the season on top and pi##ed it away.

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Something to ponder:

"On that note, here's where it's worth noting that Berry didn't play in the second half as the team tries to ease him back into the swing of things before embarking upon what could be a deep playoff run. With Berry, the Chiefs allowed seven points and picked off Rivers twice. Without him, they allowed 22 points and didn't generate a takeaway. "


Nice nickname, there, KA ¬¬

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Losing Fuller on what is already, maybe the worst group of DB's in the league is going to be rough. That front 4 will have to be absolutely devastating in the playoffs or it could be short again.

Side note: Why can't the LBs ******* tackle?

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