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Week 15 Titans vs. Giants


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3 minutes ago, KingTitan said:

Their defense has been forcing turnovers the last few weeks and they have scored off of them.  Forcing INTs and then Barkley running wild.


Titans for sure need to protect the ball and contain Barkley as much as possible. Titans are a weird team for sure after the Houston game, outside of Indy week 17 this was the game that scares me the most but the Titans are a weird team they will probably answer the bell and do a good job on Barley and OBJ. 

Titans didn’t do well against Elliot but did good overall on MNF after the sluggish start, they were in control the whole NE game an last week did a great job vs Fournette so I’m hoping the Titans play up to the competition. The Giants record is what it is but I think the Titans understand the Giants are very talented.

They need to force some turnovers though I keep saying that every week and every week it just never happens. I know Finch got a fumble Thursday but I would like Byard or someone go out an pick a few off 

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