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Eagles Trade Tobin + 7th to Seattle for 5th Round Pick


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So, right now these are the picks we have.

1st (ours)

4th (ours)

4th (Vikings via Bradford trade)

4th *** (Patriots via Rowe trade)

5th (ours)

5th (Seahawks via Tobin trade)

6th (ours)

*** - Rowe pick turns into a 3rd rounder if he plays at least 50% of the defensive snaps for the Patriots this year.

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They must really thought Dillon turned a corner and is ready for some action. I like it. Big V has enough experience to back up RT and Lane fills in at LT if/when Peters gets banged up. Not that it's ideal but it made Tobin absolutely cuttable. And Howie got something for him. Nicely done. 

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46 minutes ago, Kiltman said:

good move...do worry about getting rid of our OL depth before preseason is done
But glad we are getting value...so many of these guys are on the same talent tier

They were going to keep Gordon over him so might as well get something for him.

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