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39 minutes ago, TheeRealDeal said:

I give it an O+

Absolutely perfect grade.

Teh legendary O+ 😮😯.

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53 minutes ago, NudeTayne said:

Hey, guys. I did a trade down and then BPA mock. What do you think? I grabbed a couple extra receivers and a guard to future-proof the team.

1:26 Dre'Mont Jones DL Ohio St.
2:2 Kendall Sheffield CB Ohio St.
2:26 Michael Jordan G Ohio St.
3:16 Parris Campbell WR Ohio St.
4:17 Isaiah Prince OT Ohio St.
5:6 Mike Weber RB Ohio St.
5:17 Dante Booker LB Ohio St.
7:17 Terry McLaurin WR Ohio St.
7:32 Johnnie Dixon WR Ohio St.

I love it. Now we can trade a guard and a coupe receivers so we can get even more Buckeyes next year, solid strategy and I fully endorse this plan. 

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