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Generic Gameday Thread


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2 hours ago, Karnage84 said:

Lions get the win!!! (towards a higher draft pick).

Quinn expected the roster to be better than 9-7 and yet we can't handle a rookie QB and PS players.

Must be the coaching? Who gets the blame for you? 


I knew when Stafford didn't play any ps we would have a tough start. He can act like he's Tom Brady but he aint...

I find nothing special about this D what so ever 

I haven't seen an ol get penetrated so fast as I did the bills game.. all them picks..


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watched this game, and I know Johnson is out(prob for the year) tate got trade and jones is out for the year. outside of Golladay we have no play-makes. I want Zenner to become the #2 rb next yr. but on the bright side it feels like we dodged a bullet and didn't trade for Gronk, Gronk looks like a 30 yr TE with a lot of wear and tear on him.  

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