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Kittle, Juice named to Pro Bowl/Buckner replaces Cox

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37 minutes ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

I mean to be fair on the Donald part, you guys also double and even sometimes triple teamed him quite a bit. Proved to be a smart strategy but not like he had many one on one opportunities.

But totally agree on Hicks. He didn't get picked because of reputation, he got picked because he has been that damn dominant. Cox has been similarly dominant in his own right as he always is. 

They schemed to confuse Donald.

Blockers were coming from both sides and sometimes the RB, by the end of the game he did not know where the double team was coming from. We also do a lot of side to side motion which bothers DLmen.

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Fletcher Cox is out of the Pro Bowl with an injury. Buckner is officially a Pro Bowl player. 

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