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Jerry Rice vs Don Hutson?


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Don Hutson was a 9.8 sprinter when the WR was 9.4. he was so much faster than the cornerbacks in that era. As far as him vs the other receivers in his day, it was cartoonish. He tripled what others were doing.  There is no position in football ever dominated like Don Hutson dominated the WR position in his day. His 1942 season was outerwordly/alien, so far out there it was ridiculous.  Before 42 nobody had ever caught more passes than 58, he had 74, yards had been 846, he had 1211, TD;s had been 10, he had 17. He had 99 receiving TD's in his 11 season career.

He was all pro nine seasons in a row. There had never been anything like Don Hutson.

Story goes he was playing baseball right there on that Alabama campus the same day they had a track meet, he was on both teams.  So he walked over to the track dressed in his baseball uni changed his shoes and won the 100 yard dash. then changed shoes and returned to the baseball game.  True....???


I always kept up with college football, actually prefer it to the NFL, anyway....

I kept seeing Mississippi Valley State*** 83 Alcorn 10, Mississippi Valey State 74  Grambling 23, Mississippi  Valley State  66 Texas Southern  0 in the paper,  what the hell?  There was no internet back then. So it was an star game (thinking on XMAS) the old  Blue vs Gray game.  There was this WR catching everything, putting on a show, his name Jerry Rice, he was from Mississippi Valley State.

As we all know Rice started out slow with my Niners, but he caught on and had the greatest career ever seen by any WR could debate any player.

BUT.....even Jerry Rice wasn't as awe inspiring as Don Hutson was in his day.


So how is this done?


*** just made up scores it was something like that.




Mar 8, 2016 - Jerry Rice, Don Hutson top list of best wide receivers of all time ... Harrison was as consistent a wide receiver as you will ever see. His career ...







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12 hours ago, El ramster said:

Hudson wouldn't even be a top 200 WR in todays game. 

He was 6-1 195 pounds, a 9.8 would be about a 4.5 40.  So he had enought size/speed to play  today.  I have no doubts he'd be there with Jordy Nelson.

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16 minutes ago, ZenoRazon said:

So my response was suppose to be...?

OBVIOUSLY....Hutson is dead. 

Your response didn't have to be anything. It was a joke. Not even directed at your post, but rammy's. I'm not sure what about his post would facilitate that specific response lol

16 minutes ago, ZenoRazon said:

Don't we have threads here already comparing dead guys to those still living?

What in the world does this have to do with my post? lol

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