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Week 16: New York Giants @ Indianapolis Colts

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Colts 28, Giants 27

Close game! Not exactly The Greatest Game Ever Played (Colts beat Giants in OT, NFL Championship, 60 years ago!), but a taut struggle. 

Sounds like Eli played well- "at times, outdueling Andrew Luck" (!)- but, doubtless, The Mellow One will make an appearance caterwauling for the return of Geno Smith, the Magic Man of the Chargers anyway, some things never change, and I know he's reading this as he monitors my activity.

Aaaah- think of it as a draft-pick game, they'll likely be in the Top 8 after Dallas puts the crusher on them in next Sunday's finale. And, if the Giants draft as well as they did last April, in Dave Gettleman's first draft..........

What the hey, a good effort against a rising team, on their home turf-!

Well fought, gentlemen. It's time to save the colors.

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So this was pretty much the best possible scenario. The team played some very solid football for the majority of the game which builds confidence for next season, while just barely losing a close game in the end to help improve our draft pick. Best of both worlds imo.

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