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Steelers vs. Saints GDT


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Let’s stop discussing our game that starts in an hour in the last GDT. 

We have to win this one. I’m not putting hotties in here because they haven’t been helping us much. Feel free to post them in you want. 

Keys for Victory:

Pressure Brees up the middle

Stop the Run

Ben needs to stop throwing INTs. 

Establish a run game

Don’t leave points on the field. 

I’m not hopeful we win. If we miss the playoffs, heads need to roll. Maybe not Tomlin, but definitely Butler and Porter.

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The ravens game and jordans comments make this game a bit more interesting.  Underdog at NO and the saints haven't played good for a month, but lets see how this turns out. They have the #1 run D, lets see how that holds up today if the game is close. The saints usually get quite a lead and  as a result the opposition doesn't have as many opportunities to run.

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