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Steelers vs. Saints GDT

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On 12/26/2018 at 9:24 AM, warfelg said:

It's not deflecting.  It's the fact that this isn't the Pittsburgh Tomlins, it's the Pittsburgh Steelers.  If you are going to talk about issues with the team, anyone that has a hand in shaping this team is part of the problem.  I've acknowledged that he has issues, but I keep asking (with no answer BTW) who this perfect coach is that has 0 flaws, is 100% on going for it, challenges, and never gave up a point?  Tomlin isn't perfect, but he sure as hell isn't as bad as you and others pretend he is.

Putting the season on the 4th RB and a good FB?  First off shouldn't the 4th running back thing be on the full organization for not having a better running back for him to go to?  This is the type of crap I'm talking about.  You placing the blame on Tomlin over the fact that he's down Conner, Samuels isn't a between the tackles running, and he doesn't have a better option.  If you want to rip him for not putting Ben in a 5 wide and letting Ben win/lose the game for you? I'm 1000% percent behind it.  But once the decision was made to run it, who else should be there?

As for the RB thing....let's say it was a fake from the start.  I bet it had an option and a tell, and that option/tell was the motion.  Guy doesn't go with the option man and it's the direct snap pass, and if he does it's a direct snap and run.  And let's not forget the fact that if Chickilo pushed rather than try to pull off the defender Nix very likely makes it.  There's Matakavich getting blown up hardcore.

And if he punts and Brees scores with no time left what's the derogatory comments about Tomlin then?

I would argue that he's a good schemer, but hasn't had great players who can pull it off.  He's had success before, namely last year doubling Hill and Kelce, this year doubling Gronk and Edelman.  Not as many coaches do 'outside the box' thinking as you think there are.  Great personnel decisions?  Isn't that what we have a GM for?

And calling him not a great motivator is fair, as I have said in the past, but how many teams would continually win with all the drama that has followed this team the last 5-6 years? See I can be on board with the knocks on games against sub-par teams, but some things still bother me.  Like the fact that he's weathered stuff like AB FBliving a post game closed door meeting, Bell and Blount smoking pot, multiple Bell suspensions, Brown's off field antics, Ben pulling a will he or won't he retire for the last 3 years, Bell sitting out last training camp, Bell sitting out this year.  I mean...that's quite a bit to deal with and Tomlin never let it destroy the team.  Heck, look at only 1 other coach able to do that: Belichick.  

A)No coach is perfect so I don’t know where you’re going here...

B)4th string RB? That’s Colnert fault? No ones 4th RB is any good...so Tomlin uses him anyway...cold? He still uses him which makes Tomlin look even worse...shoulda used Samuels any way like you had been all game.

C)Punting the ball after Steelers def had been playing hot would have been 10x better than running a FB dove from 5 yards out...still woulda preferred just putting the ball in the hands of 7.

D)Tomlin has great input into drafting and personnel decisions...this is known.

E)AB was posting despite Tomlin telling them to squash it. Bells production had been replaced. You just compare Tomlin to Belichick? Not even close.

Tonlin has perpetually underachieved with this team....top WR in the NFL...great RB production, great OL and a HOF QB...even before this year with Boswell yips costing them a game or 2. Constantly playing down to the level of competition...poor clock management...asinine in game coaching decisions.

Everyone has a piece of the pie in the blame game but Tomlins lengthy history in his faults can’t be ignored.

Were gonna have to agree to disagree...it’s clear the other person is not gonna change the persons mind...I still say this team doesn’t win another SB with Tomlin as HC...if I become wrong, ill gladly eat crow.

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