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Official Week 17 GDT: Browns vs Ravens

2019 Browns HC, binary edition  

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  1. 1. Which do you choose? The other goes to another team.

    • Freddie Kitchens. And Tayne is my favorite poster. He's also not hard on the eyes.
    • Gregg Williams. And Kiwi can't even find the poll. But he can find the pole, if you know what I mean.

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Hey y'all. They tried--AND FAILED--to make us take football out of Christmas (looking at you, freaky). 



But it's a day of sacrament, so put on your Sunday best.



Don't hold back now. Testify!



Celebrate togetherness with your special someone.



Let's have a hard-fought win against a classy organization with a classy fanbase.



Baltimore is on its way to being elevated to the level of a fine city like Chicago. Congratulations to that fine city in waiting.


Key matchups: 

°Bob Wylie vs his heart.  Advantage: a baker's dozen.

°Heisman QB vs Heisman scrambler. Advantage: deez nuts.

°Baltimore vs Pittsburgh for the AFC North division. Advantage: Baltimore. Both teams will lose this coming Sunday.

°John Dorsey vs Encino Man. Advantage: the young whipper snappers won't even get it. **Also will accept Pauly Shore.

°Blitzing every play vs prevent. Advantage: At least it's not the 3-4 amiright? Anyone? Anyone?...

°Kitchens's blocking scheme vs T-sizzle. Advantage: Baker hitting the open man so often they end up dropping sizzle into zone.


Let us all rejoice. Our athletic supporters shall overfloweth. When we knock the Ravens out of the playoffs this Sunday, remember what the day is truly all about:


Baker's wiener.





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Worse draft pick and Steelers going to the playoffs 


Winning Record and a tougher decision at HC

lol I wanna win doe

but I'd be content if Baker broke the TD record with a loss

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13 minutes ago, TheeRealDeal said:

GrinchTayne out here being a thief on Christmas of all days.

@LETSGOBROWNIES made me do it. 

He hates Christmas. You'd have done the same thing when a guy who dresses like this on Sundays demands it:



P.S.: Sorry, @ditchdigger. I must have missed where you said you were doing the GDT. You would have also more than implied Kiwi loves pole, so maybe I always knew.

P.S.#2: @TheeRealDeal, I had to bring back @GrinchTayne because @Bonanza23 missed him.


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4 hours ago, ditchdigger said:

I miss @UnapologeticTayne

I'll never hurt you again.

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But the others, they will feel my wrath. They will all feel my wrath.

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17 hours ago, RavensDefense3 said:

always thought mayfield was overrated.

Yeah, I mean, the guy is SHORT.

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and women be shopping

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