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Chargers In L.A.

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7 hours ago, Boltstrikes said:

My seat was 250.00... this stadium is small. Nothing good about that it just is small. It's crawling right now with Dolphin fans.


on a positive note the bathrooms are not flooded and they have Guinness in the stadium. 


Go galaxy!

They also have Ballast Point, you just have to kind of hike to find it.

I don't know if the minimum ticket price was determined by the Spanos, the leagues owners (in order to keep the loss of shared revenue from dipping too heavily), or this is the cost of renting StubHub (at which point the Spanii got taken to the cleaners, because the average ticket cost for a Galaxy game is $50-60 and I paid $75 for a general admission ticket for a special attraction event when Arsenal played Chivas Guadalajara there).  But the price is definitely a deterrent, from what I've heard from folks around the community, and it's something that a shrewd businessman (which we know Dean is not) would have just taken on the nose figuring to recoup form the loyalty built later on.

But then, my figuring is that the concept of a grassroots campaign is entirely lost on every member of the Spanos Family.

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