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Week 17 GDT vs. Oakland Raiders

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On 1/1/2019 at 9:22 PM, Herm the Squirm said:

In order to properly exorcise our demons, we would need to beat:

1. Luck and the Colts in the divisional round

2. Brady and the Pats in the AFC title game

3. Rams rematch in the Super Bowl

If we somehow achieved that, I would sleep easy the rest of my life.

Anyone that watched the 1988 "Danny and the Miracles" national championship will recognize this symmetry. The Jayhawks last three losses were to Oklahoma (33-2), Duke, Kansas State (Mitch Richmond). In the regional finals, the Jayhawks beat Kansas State. The Final Four began with Duke then Oklahoma in the finals. Same three teams in reverse order. 


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