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Mid Iowa

Saints 2019 opponents announced

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13 hours ago, Dome said:

Hadn't even thought of it yet. Honestly probably depends on if Brees is playing or not. I'd like to see him one last time. 

My boss has season tickets, so I can get 4 tickets (nosebleeds) for fairly cheap. Last time he just gave them to me. 

That's cool. The company my friend works for has one of the suites. As long as he puts in the request ahead of time, we always get to hang out in the suite. Talk about great seats (and free food!!) 

Funny story, my buddy actually won Seahawks tickets one year (don't remember how) to a game we were already going to. 50 yard line, 10 rows up, perfect seats. We almost made it to half time..... It was so damn cold. It was in the low teens with wind. Never been so happy to have a "back up" seat to run to in a heated room.

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