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Stick with #1 Overall or Trade Down?

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50 minutes ago, LuckyNumber11 said:

Of course you want to improve the offense, but the top 5 is defense heavy. Could we give up a little bit of a bargain for the first? Yeah we could, but to have Bosa and Jones coming off the edge is so much more appealing than that. 

Although I agree that Bosa and Jones would be dynamic in pass rush, it does nothing to help stop the run or improve our league worst offense. Moving down to grab Oline, WR or strength the middle of the defense makes more sense and would improve the team much more than a pass rusher. 

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If Bosa is healthy he should be the pick. Moving down to acquire more picks makes sense if Keim didn’t have a history of wasting a majority of his picks. He’s either a poor evaluator of talent or he has the wrong people in place. I’m leaning towards both.

He gets a pass on Cooper and Buchanan but he paid max value for Humphries and his justification of the pick is worse than the selection itself. If Humphries had gone back to Florida he would have been a top 10 pick the the following year.  If Humphries returned for his junior season he would have been injured and Keim could have had him in the 3rd.

Nkemdiche was a bum on draft day and Reddick was apparently top 3 on his board.


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