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Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

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Malf's dominance is on every one of you who evicted me.
I was the only one mentally capable of defeating this behemoth of a man.
Your failure to keep me has cost all of you. I feel no remorse for your defeats.

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1 hour ago, Outpost31 said:

Lots of fun monsters I wish I would have seen.  This is why this type of challenge should have taken place with a lot more players remaining. 


@Malfatron, do you wish all immunity challenges took this kind of strategy?

@bcb1213, do you think a third Monster Melee/Conflict Critters/Battle Bots would have been the charm?

@theuntouchable, you just couldn't get over that 5% chance, could you? 

@Ragnarok, you were close.  I liked the finishing move chance for Godzilla, too. 

@TedLavie, would you pick a different monster if you had to do it all over?

It is time to vote. 

Deadline is 1:45 CST Monday. 


Go big or go home

i guess it’s go home time

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3 hours ago, Outpost31 said:


@TedLavie, would you pick a different monster if you had to do it all over?


At the risk of being unjustifiably called for collusion again, I tried to go in bcb mind and I guessed he would go T-Rex or Alien Queen. I chose a monster and a strategy that would minimize the chance of killing those two monsters while maximizing chances to kill everyone else.

And I nailed it.

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3 hours ago, Outpost31 said:

Yeah, it wasn't really a lack of not targeting Trex that saved you.  BCB had the same strategy.  Only Ragnarok saw that. 

Anyway, Malf wins Immunity.  Utley has been eliminated.

@Utley, thank you for playing.  You now join the jury. 

Can't believe you're letting that fraudulent cheater stay in the game. Go **** yourself, Jeff.

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8 minutes ago, Outpost31 said:

@theuntouchable and @Ragnarok are the last to vote. 

I'm just going to leave this at Rag has seriously been pushing things, inching dangerously close to Patriots territory and he is on very thin ice.  He has not broken any rules that I know of (or can prove), but he knows he's pushing it, and what's worse is he's denying it.  I am not sure of touch's level of involvement, and I cannot prove anything.  Thus, there will be no punishments handed out, but a very, very, very stern warning for Rag to stop trekking down the path he's been on lest he find where that path ends.

touch, we both know I said nothing that everybody didn't already know.  Your ice is marginally thicker than Rag's right now. 

@theuntouchable @Ragnarok, you are the last to vote.  If touch votes first, Rag is eliminated automatically as the last to vote.

Rag has already been warned about this. 

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