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2019 Schedule

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So while like most people I'm excited for the playoffs, I don't think I'm alone in thinking we probably overachieved this season. And I think good portion of that is thanks to how easy our schedule was - we had the AFC and NFC East, the former of which basically only has New England, and the latter of which had a pretty down year, late runs by the Cowboys and Eagles notwithstanding. We also had the benefit of the fourth place schedule.

Well, next year we don't get that luxury. We get the AFC West, the NFC South and a first place schedule, which means not only do we have to play against 3 of the best 4 records in football in the Chiefs, Chargers and Saints (and for bonus points, we're away for all three of them), but we get yet another round against the Patriots, though for that one we're actually in Houston for once. And our own division was pretty tough in the second half of the year, so it's not like we've got cakewalks there, especially if Jacksonville figures out how to put an offense together.


Our 2019 opponents, excluding divisional games...

Home for:

- Falcons, Panthers, Broncos, Raiders, Patriots

Away at:

- Saints, Bucs, Chiefs, Chargers, Ravens

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That schedule sucks badly. I expect the Chiefs, Chargers and Broncos to be good. Saints, Bucs, falcons and Panthers could all be good as well. Then there is the Pats and Ravens games. 

we are going to be playing 7 games against current playoff teams. 4 division games, and probably only 1 maybe 2 games from teams that are not legit contenders. I expect at least the Panthers and Falcons to have bounce back years. 

Maybe Brees wins it all, gets an MVP and retires. 

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