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LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

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If this staff works out, I will know in the future not to bother paying attention to coaching/staff hires.  Leaving Pettine and the defense out of it, none of the offensive staff coming to GB are guys who would have been on any list of mine.

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3 minutes ago, Brit Pack said:

This is going to be either spectacularly good or spectacularly bad. 

The good comes from these coaches assembled are young, should be able to relate to players and maybe do the whole millennial thing and be open and considerate blah blah. Fundamentally letting Aaron does his thing and let Pet run the defence.

The bad is I have never seen such an inexperienced group of coaches assembled, particularly the offence. There is no old head around to bounce things off. No balance. No ying and yang. Look at Arizona, young head coach but experienced DC and looking like Hue Jackson as OC,  as well as the rest of the staff being old hands.

It is a question of what wins, new young ideas, or is the lack of experience going to be very telling.

The only guy he hired that lacked experience was Stenavich. Everyone else he hired so far has been around the league for a long time.

Hackett is entering his 10th NFL season, his 4th as coordinator. That's not insignificant.

Sirmans is entering his 7th NFL season as a RB coach and he seems to find success bringing out the best of nearly everyone he coached.

Angelichio is also entering his 7th NFL season.

The new LB coach, Oliviadotti is entering his 15th NFL season,  his 9th as an LB coach. Amazingly I think he's a year younger than both Sirmans and Angelicho.

LaFleur himself is entering is 11th NFL season. He has Pettine to lean on as well with 16 years of NFL experience with lots of coordinating experience and 2 years as a head coach.

So far when looking from that perspective we should be ok in terms of NFL experience. We have been linked with other experienced coaches such as Darren Rizzi and Karl Dorrell so maybe something will come out of that. Yes we don't have as many former head coaches and coordinators as we like but there's something to be said for new fresh ideas, fewer bad habits and better flexibility among our coaching staff. A former head coach may only do things the way he knows that brought him success in the past but may be too rigid to try new things. Hue Jackson for example has very bad thought processes and opinions and he would be a terrible sounding board for a younger head coach.


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