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NFL Draft 2019 - Team Needs

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9 hours ago, SBLIII said:

pretty much every position on the roster except RB imo.

Crazy talk coming from a team in the 2nd round of the playoffs.


I believe you though...the Patriots don't really have a slew of good young talent. While they're in great shape right now with their veterans, that could go POOF at any minute. Gronk and Brady are going to be gone soon, as will be their coach. There are a lot of holes on this roster, but they manage to win because they're so well coached and have an awesome game plan each and every week.

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And that's why IMO they are still odds-on favs for another SB.  Who's going to stop them?  The Chargers?  lol.  They've struggled throughout the year even against much lesser teams.  They're going down this weekend, bet the farm.  KC?  With that D?  Possible to win a shoot-out but wouldn't hold your breath, esp after losing Hunt.  Colts?  They've had an amazing ride but after being underrated most of the reg season they are overrated now.  Luck remains inconsistent on his throws and Mack and Ebron are both a picture postcard of inconsistency as well and how long can the D keep playing so far over their heads? 

The AFC is once again a weak a$$ conference just ripe for the taking for a superior-coached team like the Pats.  Even if they don't cheat.


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