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AFC Wild Card: Chargers @ Ravens

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Just now, Bearerofnews said:

This late collapse might be good for Chargers.  If they win 23-3 they go into next week with false sense of security and confidence. This will give them more to work on and be aware of the possibility of late collapses. 

Chargers now 9-0 when they board the plan. LA hates CHARGERS and Chargers hate LA.

I don't think the collapse matters much because they won.  This type of stuff happens all the time.  Teams get a pretty good sized lead late in the game (4th quarter) and then they start to play really conservatively while the team that's losing gives no F's because they're down and are willing to take more risk.  It happens pretty often.

Not concerned at all for the Chargers at all.

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5 minutes ago, H.E Pennypacker said:

Honestly if we somehow managed to lose that game I don't know if I would have been able to handle it.

Thank God for our defense. Nwosu with the final play, Justin Jones with a sack, Derwin James all over the field. We killed this draft

Kyzir looked like a straight stud before the injury.  Justin has struggled all year, but maybe he turns the leaf with more play like today. I been high on Nwosu all year. He has such explosive burst. But they dont use him enough in pass rush.

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2 minutes ago, Elky said:

They lose this game against any other QB lol

They played ultra conservatively in the 4th quarter because they had a pretty good lead vs a team that had only 3 points up until that time.  It's really not a big deal.  You're blowing this way out of proportion.

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4 minutes ago, Manny/Patrick said:

I hate watching my team get eliminated I can’t imagine if it happened in 2 consecutive days

As much as I root for the Seahawks to do well, I really am not phased at all when they lose like I am when the Ravens lose. This loss hurts - the Seahawks losing yesterday was just "oh well".

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8 minutes ago, Elky said:

Lol, we will beat LAC. They nearly blew a 19 point lead to a QB that literally can't throw the ball and has the absolute worst pocket presence.

Yup, because that fourth quarter performance is completely indicative of what will happen moving forward where quite literally nothing is the same. 

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