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[IMPORTANT] Please post & vote all cowboy fans!


Immediately or Friday?   

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  1. 1. Immediately or Friday?

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3 minutes ago, Ace5 said:

Indeed @Matts4313. We must allow our beautiful Canadian butterfly to float at his own pace on the hot, smoky winds of victory to his peaceful, forested, tree filled domain to lay the game day sticks and seeds of victory. For all shall be well.

Indeed @Matts4313. Thou shall not listen to the heathen outside this forum and the false threads they create. There is only one true thread and it shall be born on Friday the 11th in the promised land of the cowboy forums among the loyalty who always believed in them. Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil.

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OK I just came home from a hard day of Play (I don't work) and WTH is all this stuff on here. 

what thread are you fools talking about. In the meantime.

I am just worried about A Donald causing a fumble on Dak. He gets in so fast and bursts his way into a QB. I worry more about interior pressure against Dak than any blindside pressures. How good Dallas does on Donald will determine more than any other aspect of the Game IMO.

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Donald is a huge worry. Especially if he is on the left side of the center if I was SL I would make sure on a lot of passing downs to have the option of moving the TE so it is easier to double team him effectively Where the tackle is not suddenly facing two rusher do to a LB being in a open slot at the same time I do not trust Williams being able to handle the bull rush if he is on Martins side I wouldn’t worry so much also having that designed shift of the pocket one side or the other so you can trap block him might work as well

we also can slow him down by quick runs off tackle still will be interesting to see I did not watch how NO or Seattle handles him when they play 

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I'm not worried about Donald at all. We take like 5 sacks a game anyway. There will be sacks. There will be ugly. There will be bumbling stumbling Dak, but Zeke will feed, and Dak will make some nice runs/clutch improvisations, and hopefully a WR steps up with some YAC other than Zeke. And we will win with our defense like we have for the last 10 weeks.

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