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NFL Draft - Team Needs

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TB Update

QB: Neither Winston nor Fitzpatrick is the answer. This will probably be taken care of in FA since the draft doesn't show anyone worth a **** outside of maybe Will Grier. 
CB: VH3's future is unclear and Brent Grimes is pretty much gone. Carlton Davis looks to be a playmaker but they'll need someone to go across from him. 
SS: Justin Evans has taken a step back. 
LT: Donovan Smith is serviceable but if an upgrade falls to them. Then they could move  Donovan Smith to RG. 
RG: One of the reasons TB's run game struggles. 
DE: Someone to go across from JPP

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 possible needs for the Rams:

ILB, the need is obvious but then you add in Barron is a likely cap casualty since he's always dinged up and missed time this year plus his big cap hit. Littleton will likely be resigned and slid into Barrons position. The depth and special teams guys Hager and Ramon Wilson are free agents. Micah Kiser is a well liked pick from this draft but will he step up and become a starter in the off season?

CB, with Talib and Peters on the last year of their deal and Shields being a free agent along with Hill who needs to go this is an obvious need not even taking performance into account.

NT, Suh is on a 1 year deal and may not be brought back unless it's cheaper that his 14 million cap hit this year. We drafted Sebastian Joseph-Day this year and coaches seem to love him. But do we add another young guy there or a vet free agent perhaps? 

FS, Joyner hasn't come close to repeating his performance the last couple years and earning that franchise tag. The market seems down on free agent safeties so a vet instead of a pick is also a possibility.

OG, Saffold is a free agent and will turn 32. He had injury issues in his first contract but has stayed remarkably healthy in recent years. He's hinted in comments that he knows he will likely have to take a pay cut to stay and that he really wants to stay. Blythe has been amazing at the other Guard spot but will be on the last year of his deal. Rams fans have faith in Aaron Kromerto get the most out of any pick so not sure this is a priority but it could be a late round pick.

QB, none of us like Mannion so a vet and or a mid round pick behind Jared is a real possibility.

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