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NFL Draft - Team Needs

The Gnat

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For the Bills:

#1. Cornerback. The Tre White injury forces this.

#2. Running back. What we have isn't very good.

#3. Offensive guard. We need to draft a couple.

#4. Defensive tackle. We need a true run-stuffer.

#5. Tight end. We have nothing but Dawson Knox.

#6. Defensive end. Addison and Hughes are old.

#7. Backup QB. Trubisky will be moving on.

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Predicting what the 2022 draft needs are for the Packers  is absurdly difficult. If Aaron Rodgers is gone to another team for a boatload of picks, possibly along with WR Davante Adams (if he is tagged and traded), any prediction is all but impossible. But, while no-one knows what picks they might end up with you can make some assumptions about the Packers needs in 2022. As of now the Packers have 9 picks (extra comps in rounds 4 and 7) and while they lost their round 6 pick (trading for WRCobb) they have a comp 6th as well, to replace it.

Identifying needs at this time comes down mostly to their cap position in 2022. The Packers have some big upcoming contracts for CB Jaire Alexander, C/G/T Elgton Jenkins, S Darnell Savage, Edge Rashan Gary, ILB DeVondre Campbell. They are also $50+m over the cap next year. Something has to give. Many of the Packers receivers are not under contract after this year, most notably Davamte Adams who will be expecting a $25m+ pa salary. As good as he is, I don't see how the Packers keep him next year. In fact I expect A.Rodgers, D.Adams Z.Smith, Randall Cobb to be among the higher paid losses. I think CB Kevin King is also likely gone.

This creates several needs in 2022. Foremost among them are high picks spent on Edge (to replace Z.Smith and possible also P.Smith) and WR (to replace Adams). After that, other needs include TE, DT (or big DE), CB, and later, depth at Safety a return specialist and maybe a backup at ILB. The Packers are desperate to improve on ST, so a later pick may be used to help there in addition to a return specialist.

So as things stand now in decreasing order of priority, I'd suggest needs are:

 Edge and WR early, then TE, RS, then CB, DT/DE*.  *While the DL could do with upgrading around Kenny Clark, you'd probably need to do that in rounds 1 or 2 to improve what is there now, and though that is a possibility, I have those early picks used elsewhere. 

The tail end picks are basically anyone who looks like good value and especially if they are good on ST. Double dipping at WR and Edge could happen, as these positions are petty deep. The Packers usually get an O lineman somewhere in rounds 4/5/6, and with 9 picks available (with more to come if Rodgers is traded) they can do that again.

Of course, if Rodgers is kept, the Packers will then lose other major players and the needs might change. It would be hard to see how, for example, they could afford the big upcoming contracts of CB Jaire Alexander or Rashan Gary or Elgton Jenkins or DeVondre Campbell, beyond 2022. That applies doubly, if they also keep Adams.

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For the Broncos in 2020, we have 11 picks:

1) QB -  Our biggest need, I wouldn't be surprised if we looked into FA or trades, even waiting a year where the draft may be better than this years class QB class. 

2) CB - Even with the PSII selection this year, we do have several CB's who'll become FA's so a talent influx here could become a need.

3) RT - Massie has been adequate this year but we'll need a long-term solution on the line. 

4) EDGE - This years draft is stocked with talent, can easily see the Broncos dipping their toes into this pool.

5) RB - Gordon and Williams have become a strong RB duo in the backfield but Gordon is a pending FA so who knows how high of a pick will be used to fill this void

6) IDL - Dre'Mont Jones MAY be coming into his own this year but I can see the Broncos continuing to build this line up, our defense has been/will be a priority

7) ST Returner -  My own pet-peave, really think we can use an upgrade,  this still could be accessed by just firing ST coach Tom McMahon, one of the worst coaches in the league IMO. M

8.) OG -  We can always use depth at the IOL

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Detroit Lions:

Top Needs-

WR- Big bodied WRs. We have a solid slot guy in ARSB. I hope we can re-sign Josh Reynolds. He played well with Jared Goff when they were both healthy and active. But we have nothing outside of that. Goff needs big targets. 

EDGE- Lions lacks pass rush. Part of that is having so many injuries, including Romeo Okwara. But it's a definite need. Aaron Glenn has shown that he's willing to rush the passer. We need guys on the roster who can do this. Charles Harris is the best currently on our team and will be a FA this offseason.

ILB- We have nothing in the middle of our defense. Good tackling LBs are a must. Our last good LB was Stephen Tulloch. 

S- We have nothing in the middle of our defense. Walker is the best of the bunch and he doesn't start on most teams. Our last good S was Glover Quin. I've been banging this drum for years, hopefully, this draft will be the one to address it with all the safety talent in it. 


TE- Hockenson has been injured off and on and we have absolutely nothing behind him. A mid round TE would be ideal.

QB- Jared Goff is not the long term answer for the Lions. But he's serviceable until we can find the long term answer. With him, we don't need to reach for a player at the position. But if good value presents itself, I could see the Lions drafting a QB day 2 and having them sit for a year or two. 

DL- Lions found their NT is Alim McNeill, but they are going to need guys on either side of him. Nick Williams will not be around much longer and Brockers is getting up there in age. 

CB- Lions have alot of good young CB prospects, they need good health. Aubrey Pleasant has done wonders at the spot with Okudah, Oruwariye, Jacobs and Melifonwu on IR this season. Depth here is always good. 

OG- Lions have 4 out of the 5 OL spots filled for the next few years. But RG Vaitai is getting up in age, is vastly overpaid and replacing him with a younger cheaper option will be needed soon. Not a top need, but something to keep an eye on.

Not really Needs:

RB- Lions actually have a good RB corp. They just haven't all been healthy. But they have 5 good options on the team. Depth here really isn't a need unless a long term injury occurs.

OL- Outside of a starting RG down the road, Lions have a solid OL and a couple good backups in C Evan Brown and G Tommy Kraemer. 

ST- Lions have a really good young K/P/LS trio in Patterson/Fox/Daly. They just need to sign them long term. 

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Giants needs:

OL- We have a left tackle. We don't have anything else. Tackles, Guards, Centers, doesn't matter. We need all of it in spades.

EDGE- We need quantity and quality. Lorenzo Carter is a free agent who is probably about 50-50 to resign. Even then, he's not all that good. Azeez Ojulari looked pretty good in his rookie year and is nearing 10 sacks. We have no one else at the position. Quantity and quality needed.

QB- Other Giants fans will debate me on this, but even if you think the world of Daniel Jones, he is injured too often.

TE- Evan Engram is a free agent. The other TEs on our roster are Kyle Rudolph and a couple other guys who are regularly injured. Decimated at this position.

RB- We need to move on from Saquon. Booker is good, but we need someone else as well.

ILB- Blake Martinez is a stud, but he's coming off an ACL injury and is in the final year of his deal. There have been a host of rotating, awful LBs next to him. We even need 2 down thumpers.

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Titans (without assuming cuts or re-signs):

1. C-Ben Jones is a likely re-sign, but until then, Aaron Brewer is the only center, and he'd be below average.

2. TE-Titans desperately needed weapons here already, and now the few decent players they had here are free agents.

3. Edge-They're gonna try to re-sign Landry, but that may not happen.  If not, they'll really need another starter quality Edge.

4. WR-AJ Brown is a stud, Julio is great when he's on the field, but that's rare.  The depth behind them is bad, but there are some rookies, so this is a lesser need as of this minute.  This probably climbs after re-signs.

5. S-Starters are locked in with Byard and Hooker, but Titans use a third safety a lot, and they don't have a serviceable one with Cruikshank a free agent.

6. OL-Roger Saffold missed a lot of time to injury, is older, and may be a cut candidate.  Depth at OT will be needed as well, with the swing guys hitting free agency.

7. Kicker-Bullock is a likely re-sign, but right now they don't have a kicker.

8. QB-Team is stuck with Tannehill for now, but a guy to put behind him and potentially develop would be a nice insurance policy if the value is there.

9. RB-Henry is great, but a change of pace guy is needed, and Darrynton Evans can't stay healthy.  This is low on the list because they're pretty good at getting guys from the waiver wire.

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I have not done a Chiefs update since the Tyreek Hill trade. Here goes.

  • Do not draft for immediate impact. This a retooling year.
  • The exception is pass rush. The defense fell apart when they could not get pressure. Use two of the top three picks if it's for decent value.
  • WR is going to be a need but longer term. JuJu Schuster and Marquez Vlades-Scantling soften the blow of losing Hill. There is no WR it this draft I would trade up to get.
  • Depth at RB and TE is needed, but nothing urgent.
  • A swing OT and possible eventual starter is needed. Lucas Niang may not be readdy for the start of the season and Orlando Brown, Jr is on a one year franchise deal. 
  • An impact player in the secondary would be welcome. There are three very good players--Juan Thornhill, Justin Reid, and L'Jarius Sneed. The Other CB will be either Rashad Fento or former 1st round pick Deandre Baker. Depth is needed.
  • Other than QB, no position is off limits after round #2. BPA rules.
  • QB needy Detroit is at #32. Teams with QB need and a high 2nd round pick should be offering for #30.
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Bears have a lot but I'll limit it just to a few. Also we have $106 mil in cap for 2023 before any adjustments. Cutting/trading Quinn for a late rounder, then cutting Whitehair, Muhammed, Patrick, and Justin Jones gets us to about $134 mil too. So this may - and should - drastically change come draft time. 


OT - I think either Jones or Borom would adjust better to LG, still not sure why Jenkins never got a real shot at OT. He is more athletic than either. Both struggle with speed but are plus athletes for OGs. You can put this as two picks but I think if Getsy actually chips and helps one OT you can get by with one player. 

DE - Quinn will be gone, Muhammed has been atrocious, Gipson and Robinson aren't ready to be lead rushers. 

C - Mustipher is the worst starting C in the league. Fields constantly has someone in his lap. 

TE - Kmet is an average blocker who gets by with effort. Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane. As the #2 TE he would be decent but he is an absolute ghost in the red zone. 

WR - Mooney isn't a #1, he is a good complimentary receiver. 

CB - Johnson may or may not get extended. Gordon is put as NB due to its importance in Flubby's scheme. Need someone opposite Johnson next year who may be able to take over as the #1 boundary CB.

LB - Not sure if Roquan will get the extension or not. If not that leaves us as having Morrow as our top LB (gross)... and he is a FA too. 

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